I have IGA Nephropathy at stage 2 and i was asked by my doctor about my family history and i have found out that my mum had IGA Nephropathy

My mum has now got end stage renal failure and has dialysis three times a week. I was wondering if this was passed onto me or is it just a bit of poor luck. Alos as mum has end stage renal failure is there a chance that this could happen to me.

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  • Hi daz1985,

    The only hereditary kidney disease is polycystic kidney but there are family weaknesses, so I guess this is just poor luck. I am attaching a link to some information from the NKF website about IgA nephropathy which might be helpful.


    Best wishes,

    Pauline NKF Helpline

  • thanks for this info.

    do you know if at stage 2 that feeling tired and regular cramp in your legs is a further sign of reducing kidney levels

  • hi I can't agree with last reply as both my sons have fsgs one son had transplant last year and other son is on waiting list i'm also stage 3 failure so obviously more than polycystic kidney disease that can be past on ask your nephrologyst on your next visit to clinic about it. we've found over the years the more you ask the better you feel about whats happening to your body...our doctors are very good. we go to QE in birmingham, are your doctors approachable ? also never be scared to ask any question even if it sounds a daft one ...remember it's your body and health they are looking after...good luck....hope this was of some help x

  • so as you say that iga is not what gets passed on from parent to child but as i found out tlast night my mum orginally had iga and after a number of years she now has CAPD. So im trying to find out that as it stands i have iga and could they be a small chance from your expeience that it could get worse and change my diganosis.

  • hi just looked up iga and capd but both don't look related. The iga can cause problems for your kidneys ? but ask your doctors to explain what it could do to them, they are the best people to help, our doctors are very good, what hospital do you go to? Are you on any statins for cholestrol or beta blockers for blood pressure? As having these under control does help... like i said question ----question -----question it's your body your health please dont stop asking thats what the doctors and nurses are for, they are there to help you ..good luck x

  • hi i am at sunderland renal hospital and have been there for about a year now and the doctors are quite good with answering my questions.

    i am on simivsatin for my chlosterol and levothroxin for my under active thyroid. currently my blood pressure is at a stable level.

    i will ask my doctors what my future holds for my and let you know when i see them.

  • Hi Daz

    The web site says it may be passed through families, the best way to prevent deterioration to the kidneys is to control the blood pressure make sure you get it checked regularly. It is also thought that high cholesterol may have a bad effect on kidneys too it may be wise to have your level checked. In research studies, fish oil supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids also slowed kidney damage in some patients. Vitamin E may help lower protein in the urine but not blood. One of the newer immunosuppressive agents called mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) is also being tested in treating IgA nephropathy. Hope this info helps. I have Poly Cystic Disease so my route is a little different.

    Best regards Christine

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