Worried about my kidneys,

Hello guys this is the first time ive posted and really just need my mind at rest, I have PKD i,m 38 and normally in good health apart from severe high blood pressure.I had to have a coarse of antibiotics xmas eve for 1 week, since finishing them the pain has got worse and it feels like someone is squeezing my kidneys continually also getting sharp stabbing pain in both.I,ve become very tired and weeing a lot during the night, even my groin is painful.Been docs today and there is no infection or blood in my urine, but my right kidney has become swollen, my blood pressure is high but thats normal and im medicated for this.Now im just getting stabbing and clenching pain.I keep getting a sharp stomach ache that lasts a couple of mins, i,m not constipated so all normal there. What is noticable is my urine has a really nasty smell.I,m down for all emergancy bloods and scan this week which is good, but i,m really scared now and just needed someone to put my mind at rest. Thankyou in advance xxx

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  • Hi, really sorry you are feeling so ill. You are doing all the right things and I guess the blood test this week will show whether your gfr has dropped. You are rightly anxious, but anxiety can itself cause all sorts of symptoms, but there is never any point in people telling you not to worry! When I'm really anxious my strategy is to 'force' myself to focus on something else. For example I might decide to write two pages about a holiday I enjoyed. I sometimes realise that my anxiety, and symptoms have reduced, just for that little space of time. Please let us know how your tests go. Do you have faith in your GP? Mine is a nice guy but he knows nothing about PKD! If you feel you need to see someone with more knowledge immediately because of the pain, consider going to A and E.

    Wishing you lots of luck

  • Hi, I had pain like that just before Christmas and it turned out I had had a bleed into my kidney after a cyst bursting. A urine test will not always show you have an infection as the infection can be higher which will only show with a blood test. My suggestion like defier would be to go to AnE Good luck and feel better soon.

  • Have they checked that there is no blockage in your urether? I had this a few years ago. I was really sick and in a lot of pain, kept doing urine tests which came back normal. Realised after that of course they would as no urine could get out of my damn kidney :( anyways, all was put to right with a strong dose of anti biotics and fantastic doctors. I got all this sorted by going to A & E x keep us posted x

  • hey guys,

    Thank you for your replies :), well just letting you know had emergency bloods done and nothing showed up in them, have scan on 22nd so still waiting on that and nothing has shown up in my urine samples but they have sent it off anyway.So the pain is still with me they did find my right kidney is swollen but also suggested i have Kidney Colic!!! or a small stone but they don,t want to interfere until i have had my scan on Tuesday.So was given colic tablets sat in tears thinking they really did not know what to suggest so just walked out with tablets and gave them a go, and to be fair they DID take the edge of my pain i still know its there but it does not seem so aggressive, but pain is now in my groin and leg.I have renal appt also on Friday so will be able to let you know more next week.My doctors have been brilliant but they seem to not want to give me anything till i have been hospital Friday.

    Sorry not been on since now but i have struggled and spent most of my time at the doctors but just wanted to keep you posted xxxx

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