Did any of you go for a kidney scan that came back negative 1st time and subequently get diagnosed later with CKD?

Went for the scan 2nd Nov. it was a disaster as could not keep the water down long enough to reach kidneys so was only little fluid in kidneys when they scanned me, did not get an appointment for Renal Dept. as they promised. They sent results to GP who says nothing has showed up, but am still experiencing all same problems, kidneys definitely not working properly, still got breathing problems, etc. gets worse as day goes on. wonder if any of you had same or similar testing experiences. am back to square one.

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  • oh dear. What about blood tests, they should show whether they are working correctly and maybe an MSU (mid stream urine sample) Get back to the Docs and demand a blood test. Let us know how you get on x

  • Googie68 is right if you have kidney disease (3,4 or 5) you usually have raised creatinine in you blood(diagnosed by U&E test), high blood pressure and may have protein in your urine. Is your urine sometimes dark (like tea) or very foamy? do you get discomfort in you back flanks or legs than seem uncomfy or swollen so if you press down with you figure the indent don't come back up for 20 seconds...My kidney's don't look too bad on a scan because I am CKD3B but get all the above sometimes I get bit breathless. Go to your GP at ask for a U&E blood test, get them to test your urine with a dipstick (for protein)&check you blood pressure, also test your blood pressure. In the meantime live healthy life style if your teetotal then excellent but if not try to give up alcohol/smoking&eat lots of fruit veg+20min walk every day..

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you both for your answers and good wishes, Olemog I do have all the symptoms you mention +, on daily basis .. my BP day of scan was 179/89. highest ever been, used to be exceptionally low during '09 and 2010 due to daily Carbon Monoxide leakage that was when my kidneys 1st packed in and all other serious health problems started, spent more time in A & E than most nurses working there.. I dont drink or smoke, docs did constant blood tests throughout '09,10' have always said 'no problem' 'needs no action' .thirst and dehydration one of my other problems.. I vomit a lot too, all my major organs stopped working properly, etc they do not automatically test for CO at GP or A & E.. After I came across this site few weeks back reading all I realised I have identical symptoms of ckd and not imagining it so sent for home testing 10 kit online 3 of the tests show I have probs and advises to see health provider a.s.a.p I now have copy of all my medical notes for last 4 years which says my blood tests frequently showed renal failure and leucoytes in urine, and am only on page 7 of 129 double sided pages in total .. it gives creatinine levels as well but I dont know what the normal creatinine level should be so cannot work out whether they were ever abnormal etc. would be grateful if any of you can tell me what 'normal' level is please,,, or any other result to look for cos I thinking of suing docs for negligence too.

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