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Hi everyone,

Just thought you would find this link interesting, got an email today regarding this subject:

Candy for people with Kidney disease. Hope it is allowed to share this here,

I have a subscription to this page and although is from the US and not all the info there aply the information regarding diet is very good.

Have a nice day all of you!

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  • thank you roxe, i have a real sweet tooth :)

  • just had a look and seen mike and ikes on the kidney friendly list, woohoo theyre my favourite.

  • There is a list over in the UK

    Savoury snacks such as nuts and crisps are high in potassium but

    some savoury snacks that are lower in potassium:

    Skips , Pretzels (not chocolate), Japanese rice crackers, Ritz, Wotsits, Tortilla Chips, Frazzles, Monster Munch, Toasted croutons, Mini Cheddars, Bread sticks, Quavers, Cheese footballs, Bagel chips, Doritos - Remember these savoury snacks are generally quite high in salt- so go easy!

    Chocolate and toffee are also high in potassium. The following are all suitable in place of chocolate or toffee so have a jar around ready to dip into (those with diabetes should choose sugar free sweets):

    Boiled sweets, Jelly tots, Jelly beans, Wine gums, Starburst, Fruit pastels, Mints, Barley sugar, Dolly mixtures, Tooty-fruties, Chews, Marshmallows, Turkish delight, Candied popcorn, Chewing gum.

  • hi thanks for the list i was told last may that my kidney function was down to 19 it is now 29 but I'm struggling with the weight gain with steroids regards Kathy

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