9 yr old son has blood,protein and high alkaline urine but no infection??


My son is hypothyroid (high antibodies attacking thyroid. Possible-hashi's??) and now kidney troubles.His wee is strong smelling/fishy and sometimes painful.He has blood and protein detected with every test over last 2 months.He is bloated (particularly in the face/eyes),overweight and tired.He has dark under eye circles and craves carbs.

Does any of this sound familiar?....

He has been tested for diabetes and it's negative.

I am making him drink lots of water and have banned him from eating all sweet and acid foods and literally forcing healthy alkaline foods into him (been reading lots ;) - he has very poor diet (hates all veg)...not sure if i'm on the right track here.....

Any advice ,i'd be so grateful

hayley xx

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ive heard lack of fruit and veg can cause fishy smelling urine, and healthy eating is always good so it cant hurt to try, poor wee mite, hope the dr gets him sorted out soon xx


Have they checked his blood and urine for Ketosis?


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