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Hi im 34 and im stage 4 ckd with a egfr of 21 at present. Do other people of a similar egfr have symtoms because i do, my worst ones are itching, tiredness and aching bones. Im unemployed at the moment due to being made redundant a while ago and im struggling to get another job. They have also stopped my job seekers now. Are there any other benefits i could be entitled to until im back on my feet. Or any other help i can get, i feel like ckd is taking over my life and i dont want it too. I feel most days like im old before my time :O(

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  • Hi H

    The key thing is to control your diet and what makes things difficult for you. Phosphate causes the itching and I had the problem last year and using white rice a my main carb (stropped spuds and pasta) has really helped.

    I cut meat to a third and the results were amazing. There are some good books on suggestions of recipes to help. Ask your nutritionalist.

    From what I understand the more stress you take of the Kidney the better it performs and rice has very little nutritional value. Sodium, potassium and phosphate are the difficult ones to control.

    Benefits are difficult as the government is purging recipients therefore you have to prove you can't work etc. to receive cash payments. I personally have decided not to go down the registered disability path (just superstitious) but depending on where you live there could be some mileage in that.

    If you have CKD, your hospital could have a advice service. Although in these days most government sources are cut. Although you are not a cancer patient, Macmillan are fantastic with the knowledge of their advisors.

    Do everything you can to ease the pressure and I hope my little knowledge helps

  • Hi,

    I am 37, CKD stage 4 as well, and my egfr has been going between 21 and 19 for the last 5 months. Of course I have syntoms. The worst one are cramps and aching bones. Also tireness but my doctor just did an iron treatment because it was low and I feel less tired. I agree with the coment above, it is very important to control what you eat, less meat is very good.

    I work full time and have two kids so I try to rest and sleep whenever my boddy needs it and time allows it, and it helps, even if it is 30 minutes in the late afternoon before dinner.

    But above all the most important thing is keep positive!!!

  • Hi

    I have had problems with itching in the past due to the phosphate too because as the kidneys fail they stop getting rid of the toxins through the kidney and come out in the skin instead. Is anyone talking dialysis to you yet? It is true as others have said to control your diet. Our website has some useful tips on foods to avoid and our helpline may have some leaflets they can send. Tiredness, aching and often feeling cold are all symptoms of CKD but can also be linked to your haemoglobin and bicarbonate levels. You need to ask your consultant if there is anything they can give you.

    Have a read of this

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