Actually stage 3 (that's moderate, right) Just learned

Actually stage 3 (that's moderate, right) Just learned

Just learned I have stage 3 ckd less than 2 weeks ago. Have not seen nephrologist yet. Based on everything I've read online I have cut out all dairy & processed food. Eating small amounts 5-6x day. Increasing water. No sodium or refined sugar. A tad bit of molasses on Ezekiel bread. Lost 6 lbs & my blood pressure has come down after many years of being high (avg WAS 148/82) No more swelling in ankles. I miss the comfort foods like ice cream but feel good about the rapid changes I've made. Really miss my big mug of coffee but willing to sacrifice for improvement of kidney function. Sorry I don't have any "numbers" to share but will post when I do. Love reading all the info here. Thanks... Btw, I'm 77 years old. :)

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  • Please be careful what you are cutting out at stage 3 yes best to avoid processed foods but you still need other "normal" healthy food for the other organs in your body to keep them healthy! even on dialysis not every one is the same some people have low phosphate pottassium calcium etc while others have too much it all needs careful managing through regular blood tests

  • phillin, I truly appreciate that reminder. I was so scared at the diagnosis, I basically "FASTED" for 2 days. Caution is needed. Stressful in every way. You would not believe how much ice cream I used to eat EVERY DAY for years. Still have several cartons in my freezer. But I went "cold turkey" and don't intend to fill a MUG anytime soon. Eager for next blood test. Have a productive day :)

  • Hi, your approach sounds great to me. I will learn more about my situation but I have been eating like you are eating for quite awhile. So at least I have a jump start. Not sure about fish yet as it contains things that are suggested not to have. But I do have my coffee...never read that coffee was an issue, but am also drinking over 100 oz of water a day. Great luck. Also numbers do decline with age.

  • Thank you Sally. We can't do anything about our age but a lot about diet. I don't exercise as I should but "running" to doctor visits should help get me out of the house ;) Keep in touch !

  • I am 76 and was diagnosed with CKD level 3 by my Primary Doctor who put me on a appropriate pre-dialysis diet. My blood work showed do not have to be restricted on potassium but restricted on phosphorus and sodium and have daily limits. I have been on this diet for about 2 years and has stabilized the progression. . Doctor also prescribed appropriate vitamins. Good luck on your CKD journey. Your nephrologist will be a big help on your treatment plan.

  • Thanks, orangcity...hope my diet will allow bananas & potatoes. Appreciate your input :)

  • As mentioned you will have to find out. I don’t do bananas and haven’t done potatoes for a long time anyway.

  • You will have to see what your diet restrictions and amounts are. You might be able to get in bananas and potatoes, but maybe not at same meal? Example, I can only have 800 mg of phosphorus a day and so much at a serving, so sometimes have to plan meals ahead, especially if going out to eat. Davita has a tracker you can use to help plan.

  • Thanks, orangecity...sounds good to me :)

  • Hi Newbie!! What a lovely picture and as with so many of us, hardly do we appear to be dealing with kidney disease. I am now joining the decade of the 70s....and grateful, as I truly believe in living in the 'now'....

    I do want to share that over 2 years ago I just seemed to hit a wall with high blood pressure and was overweight. My ankles were swelling, etc. I went for some different type of xrays to deal with back pain and it was then that they found AAA, abdominal aorta anueryisms (2) and DDD (degenerate disk disease....vascular blocking in my leg....and then the diagnosis of stage 3-4 kidney disease.

    I was thrown and totally depressed....finally got to see the kidney specialist and truth be told, he wasn't miffed, but made it clear that my weight, my age, and other factors numerically put me in stage 3-stage 4 kidney disease....BUT, he said much of that was due to the natural aging of my body. The thinning of my kidney wall and all the rest of it he said he would actually say I was in stage 3/4 of kidney disease. He said to carry on and come back every year, if I wanted to, for a check up....My GFR goes from 44-50...up and down.....I haven't gotten to 60 the entire 2 years....I do get blood work done every 4-6 months. That I am 'maintaining' around the same numbers shows there is no lessening of kidney function.

    All this to say, I am NOT minimizing lower numbers, but I think as our bodies age, we might fall outside the 'norm'. Do you know your latest GFR numbers?

    I am very impressed as to the preventive steps you are taking and it makes me think I could do more...and should! thanks so much for sharing...take care, Newbie!

  • May i call you Joanne? I really appreciate your comments. Wish I had a copy of my numbers, but if I knew them, I'd probably get upset when others share theirs. Example , if someone else with stage 3 is drinking coffee, should I or not? But I'm sure it depends on the individual's numbers, right? Sure miss my coffee with all the liquid creamers. Miss chocolate too. I'm 77 and have had a sweet tooth all my life. But stage 3 scares me, especially with evidence of some protein spilling over into my urine. Hard to believe a mere egg would cause it but that's the only protein I had today. A mere 2 oz of chicken breast yesterday

    Sure hope to gain insight on the proper diet. Because I'm a NEW patient, couldn't get an appt with the nephrologist as son as I hoped ...rather, I'll see neph's nurse Nov 14. Just hope for a measure of health in my golden years.

  • I am in 70's also CKD level 3 and agree totally of living in the "now". " your health is your wealth" as we age. Anything we can do to help our health is important. It is the only IRA we can get for our future.

  • I've been eating with that in mind, OC41. Have recently added Pink Himalayan salt to my diet. It's often said to be the most beneficial as well as the cleanest salt available on this planet today. It has all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties, not to mention culinary uses. You can use it as a healthier option to processed salt. Eating a bit more also. Still somewhat tired and know I need exercise. My back "aches" most of the time but I still want to blame my mattress ;) Funny that i'm not sure. I recall back in the 40's when neighborhood kids would hurl a ball at our back and my sweet Dad would say, "No, no that's your kidneys" He didn't want me to be hurt. sigh......Well, it's cabbage & pork chops today (corn bread for hubby who's 81 and doing great) I may add a recent photo of him later. Have a nice day, "fellow lover of life"........

  • Newbie 1956: Got GFR report today from Doctor and told me feels condition has stabilized and only changes very little from original diagnosis (level 3) and believes for long term with prescribed diet, will avoid dialysis. Diet and exercise regimen is working.

  • OC that's great news. Congratulations on the hard work and strong effort to succeed. So many others could do the same if the medical community would advise their patients immediately upon finding a lower than "normal" GFR. Too many find out, like we did, when in Stage 3 or 4 or even worse. I'd like to know what a Dr. would think and do when s/he gets their personal lab values and find a GFR in the 35-55+ range? I firmly believe they would begin to slow the progression immediately.

  • Hi, Newbie! Did you see a kidney doctor yet? Such a cute and vibrant picture and I hope you are okay! I am new to all this, too, and my first kidney doc appointment is on Thursday. I am anxious but eager to get details...

  • No, Tackle not yet. Will see his nurse on the 14th, but based on what I've seen both here and other other places, I don't expect much. Likely more confusion.

    On my own I've managed to lose weight & bring my blood pressure down to a normal level. But still concerned. I'm sure there will be more blood work and I won't know anything until those numbers are known. And, sooner or later, I suppose they'll be more aggressive with scans and the dreaded biopsy which would be stressful to me. Call me chicken but even after having 4 babies, I still fear procedures and pain. Worse of all I worry about results of diagnostic tests.

    Shame on me...Others seem so brave. How about you? I think younger people are generally less anxious about procedures. My 43 yr old daughter fought her stage 3 cancer like a champ and is in remission now with no fear about the future. My 12 yr old great-granddaughter has been in/out hospital for months and loves the attention. My 81 yr old husband is always positive and most of our friends have dealt with serious issues with grace. I don't know why stage 3 ckd has thrown me. Sincerely don't mind giving up my junk food but wonder if what I'm eating now is enough to keep me stable. Time will tell........

    Sorry for ranting... please tell us more about yourself. Update soon :)

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