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Soooo!!! I'm at the hospital for a uit again and I told the doctor that I'm in stage 3 kidney disease.. well he looked at me kinda funny and said really!!! He began asking me a lot of questions that lead up to the day of my physical. I told him on oct 3 2017 I was diagnosed with bv and a uit and the er doctor put me on cipro and flaygel I finished cipro 3 days after and flagged 7 days after. Then on oct 6 I took my annual and on the 7th the doctor said I was stage 3 kidney disease.. so this doctor did a gfr and it was 105 I feel relieved but scared at the same time.. he believes all the meds played a role when I had my physical done

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  • Great news!

  • I am glad you got a correct diagnosis. Your Doctor should be able to get you on the right track. Good are catching it at stage 3 as the progression of the disease can be slowed down. This forum will be of support to you. There are also many books written about CKD and dealing with it. One author's books have read is Mathea Ford

  • @orangecity41 the doctor at the hospital said I do not have it my levels are in a normal range 105.. he said the test that i took was not accurate because of the meds I had taken 3 weeks before and annual physical

  • I am so happy for you . I wish my doctor would say the same thing . It was nice chatting with you . Take care

  • Thank you, just know I'm always here is you need someone to talk too.

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