GRF now down to 36

It’s dropping at between 5-6% a year which I’m told is normal, I’m struggling with tiredness a lot, my doctor didn’t seem to think at a GFR of 36 that this will be causing it but my brother at the same stage a few years ago had the same tiredness symptoms.

How long do I have before my kidneys fail then...3-4years?

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  • Nobody knows! It all depends on your particular health and your kidneys! You could stay where you are for the rest of your life or you could get worse. Its just about doing the right things in terms of eating well and maintaining whatever other health issues you may have and monitoring.

  • Been back for my 3 month check today, Dr has double the dose of one of my blood pressure tabs in an attempt to bring it down a bit. Today’s reading was 145/87 which although good for me is still higher than they want it to be

  • I am CKD stage 3 and often have counts in the low 30's. However I do not have Diabetes nor do I have any problems with my blood pressure. I eat well, I don't smoke or drink. This is why unless you have somebody's full medical history, you really can't tell. Each case is different and needs to be treated on an individual basis.

  • Thanks for the reply. The Doctor is hoping that by doubling the dose of one of my blood pressure tablets that my GFR will slow down a bit

  • Are you having a follow up blood test?

  • I just go back in 3 months, will have blood tests the week before my appointment

  • I have read that high blood pressure and blood pressure medicines can be harmful to kidneys. Just wondering if you exercise daily like cardio, follow kidney diet , watch salt and drink lots of water. Those might be things to do to improve blood pressure for you and kidneys.

  • I work for Royal Mail Sally so I walk about 8 miles a day, I also drink lots of water and never add salt to anything. My bp has been high for years, get that under control and I’m hoping my GFR will stabilise

  • Awesome for you!! Sounds like you are doing great things. I decided to go off cholesterol meds cause they can cause ham to kidneys. Trying all the right things...hopefully it works.

  • I have heard that codliver oil tablets can reduce blood pressure by around 5 to 10% if taken regular as part of your healthy diet

    And research seems to suggest this true if you read about it,

    Worth a try

  • Yes each case is different. I have been doing all the right things even before watching kidney numbers. After some testing and discomfort, I had a swollen kidney, referred to kidney specialist. Ended up that I had a sizeable stone. I was scheduled for outpatient surgery for stone and he wanted to look st things. Ended up I had passed stone...6mm, doc wasn’t sure how I did that and no pain. He put a stent in to further help a kidney drain. Somewhere along the line a kidney was damaged and we will be addressing that. My point is to stay on it. This all started to begin with because of lower numbers with no real reason. Great luck!!

  • Hello Imster, I'm at exactly the same stage as you only with just a sole kidney. No-one can answer your question as to how long it will be before our kidneys fail. I have very difficult-to-control blood pressure (much higher than your's) which is anathema to the kidneys but, although I have tried many different BP drugs over the last 3-4 years, my body can't cope with the side effects which have included 24 hour skin irritation requiring a skin biopsy to confirm the culprit, very reduced salt levels leaving me hardly able to put one foot in front of the other, further reduced kidney function, swollen, red ankles leading to a diagnosis of varicose eczema, etc etc. It is all so frustrating especially as high BP is known to affect kidney function. I am just on a low dose of Losartan Potassium and crossing everything. Doubling the dose brought back the skin irritation. Added to all this, I have been beset with UTIs this year which require countless antibiotics to get them under control - yet another drain on the kidney. I am active but fall asleep every time I sit to watch a favourite TV programme. I don't add salt to my food, don't drink coffee, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. I am at the moment aiming to lose a stone in weight to see if that will help all round - not that I'm much overweight, but a stone off would put me well within normal weight for my height. Lots of good luck wishes to you on all fronts.

  • Thanks for the reply and I’m sorry to read about all your problems, I hope you soon get sorted.

    Best wishes

  • Have not heard that a drop of 5-6%being normal. I was put on renal diet at GFR 50. I am age 76 and organic reason for CKD. Maybe other factors play in to treatment plan. You might consider getting second opinion?

  • Hi Impster, I too have been suffering from extreme tiredness for at least five years...five years ago my egfr was 44. I went to the doctor and he carried out some bloods but never told me I had ckd...I only found out after I had a private blood test (Medichecks) and confronted him with the findings (last June) my egfr was down to 22. Since then I've cut out salt, drink more water and take a tonic ( Herbactive kidney) shield and mu egfr has come back up to 26. I was being prepped for a biopsy but after a discussion with the neph decided not to proceed. I have accepted that there's not going to be a miracle recovery and now concentrate on stabilising the kidney function. And I believe the key to that is keeping the blood pressure down. You other replies give good advice on this. So try not to worry and be good to yourself...good luck, Andy

  • Hi Impster,

    Your doctor doesn't know what they're talking most certainly is responsible for your extreme tiredness. That is my main symptom and I first noticed 5 years doctor keep it to himself, obviously cos he didn't want t tell me about something he couldn't fix.

  • hi theres nothing normal about kidney function dropping 5 to 6 percent a year that means most people would be dead before they are 25.which doesnt make sence at all..find another person who can make sence of your tests..just find another doctor.easy just register with another practice.or a recomendation..

    hope all goes well regards chris

  • Sorry, it was my brother who also has PKD who said that his dropped about 5% a year. He went from a GFR of mid 30’s to needing a transplant within about 3 yrs. I know every case is different though.

    Just hoping they can sort out my high blood pressure now which will hopefully help control my GFR

  • hi impster..thanks for reply..very unlucky to lose that much kidney function so fast..iv had transplant after 52 years of kidney desease so never give up.. my new kidney was from a deseased 46 year old has done amazing things for me iv gone from 6 58 gfr on one kidney so very happy..

    fingers crossed for you both..chris


  • you can live with it, my gfr is 31,age 73, male hypertension under control with medls,

    eat only kidney friendly foods better go vegitarian , dont eat meat

    go to link "Dvita glomerular calculator , u will get more information

    wish u good health,hope u will write me bak

  • I also struggling badly with aching legs n feet, because of my work I walk about 8-10 miles a day and feel really heavy legged some days, not sure if that’s a side effect of pkd or not?

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