Stage 3 CKD

Good morning, I'm very new to this post, about 2 days ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 CKD. My doctor is acting like it's okay not to worry you will be fine. But how can I not worry I'm 48 suffer from high blood pressure I been pretty healthy never miss my physical exams... I can't stop crying I feel alone at this moment.. my kids are beside them selfs and my husband won't hear my worries.. I'm so scared 😳

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  • Hello and Welcome,

    You have found this site for sharing with a lot of folks in the same situation. Don't worry there is a lot for you to do to slow the progression.

    I don't have the exact issues you have but there are many others here that do. Building a strong support system is important for you and your family.

    You didn't mention your GFR and other lab values so if you can share that information when you are comfortable be prepared for a lot of support and helpful advice.

    It is overwhelming at first. It's been several months for me and I'm still working through everything. For now, learn as much as you can and figure out how to adjust to the new lifestyle and diet changes you have to make.

    I'm also at Stage 3 and have made my meal plan by seeing a Renal Dietitian and a nephrologist. I also have high blood pressure and control it by just one pill daily and no medications for my diabetes, just diet and exercise.

    It can be done.

  • Thank you, honestly I'm not sure what the doctor said my levels were at that time I was just stuck on the fact that he said ckd3. I do find it a little difficult to sleep at night.. these pass 2 days I can't eat all I do is cry

  • Hiya Debra. I'm sorry I totally understand how you feel. I had gone for my annual results on Friday and a locum said you do realise your have kidney decease don't you. I didn't. Like yourself I asked no questions. Come home and rang docs. Apparently I have had ckd3 since last year. My levels have been low apparently for around 2 years. I have been so worried like yourself all weekend.

    I have an appointment for a blood test tomorrow and then another appointment with the doctor Wednesday to discuss

    The doctor said not to worry to me too

    I would make another appointment and maybe write a list of your questions. I did the same as you I was so shocked I just come home and it's been constantly on my mind since

    This site is really good. I have had a lot of responses which has put my mind at rest a bit. There are so many people living with this with no problems

    When I have seen my doctor I will be more informed

    Take care and definitely go back the doctors for a chat

    I'm always here if you need support.


  • Thank you so much!! I'm going to see my doctor this week on Tuesday I really believe that I got this disease from high blood pressure.. I'm a worry wart and every little thing just sets me off in thinking ( overthinking ) I will keep you posted.. Do you know of any support groups I live in the davie Florida area.

    Thanks so much

  • It's only been a short time since I found this site but keep reading new people & those on this site repeating my exact words. And, the Drs. responses have been the same. For some of us there is no known cause & Dr. said even if they knew what caused it there isn't a cure. Just continue eating healthy, exercise & try to ignore it.. I just try not to think about it too much so I'm not crying as much & come to this site when I need to feel understood.. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  • Your not alone everyone on here are so supportive . All we want are answers.. happy that you joined us

  • Are you having a hard time sleeping at night? Pass few days I have been very restless.. and a constant headache 🤕

  • Me again. I was told that I can take Benadryl to help me sleep . And it's working

  • Does it really Im having such a hard time sleeping at night .. it's driving me nuts

  • I was also told I could take melatonin. Try to take one 30 minutes before you go to sleep

  • I didn't try Benadryllast night and it helped a little.. funny thing is I was sleeping perfect until I found out about my ckd3

  • Did

  • I feel the same way .. I used to sleep at least seven hours and now I barely sleep four or five..

    Hang in there 💜

  • Hi Debra . I was also diagnosed with stage for kidney disease back in January . And I also saw Renal dietitian.. She put me on a low potassium , low protein, low phosphorus and low sodium diet . When I first heard that I was going on this diet it freaked me out , but I have been on it since January and have lost 23 pounds and have discovered a new way of eating . She said as long as I stay on the diet I may stay at Stage 3 for a long time - I have brought down my levels by 30 points . I also high blood pressure and am controlling that with this diet and exercise . It sounds horrible , but it is easier than you think . If you want any information, recipes , or just emotional support let me know .


  • Thank you so much that is so kind of you.. an yes i really need people that are suffering with this disease to help me cope.. I'm having a lot of uti infections tho.. I have on now and it makes me have the urge to pee.. I'm on antibiotics hope it starts working ...

  • You and Only you can make yourself better. Take Charge. You must become your own doctor. You can find so much information on the computer to help you. Just saying, be a healthy weight for your Age. If overweight do something about it. You will be amazed what weight does to your health. Healthy eating. I am 76, and I have fought and still fighting cancer, 5 different cancers. Lost one of my kidneys to cancer. I am doing so much better since I have lost over 30 lbs and still losing. I, too have stage 3 CKD. A healthy you will and can prevent dialysis for a long time. Take Charge. PS Crying doesn't change a thing or make it go away. Only YOU can do that. XXOO We are all here for you.

  • You made me feel really good when I just read this. How very encouraging. We all need to follow your ideas.. thank you for sharing!

  • You're welcome. I have a feeling mine will be because of my high blood pressure

    Im exactly the same. I worry about everything and overthink think things too

    I love in the UK so I don't know of any local support groups I'm sorry. I'm sure somebody on here might. It's seems a really good site

    I'm not a good sleeper at the best of times

    I can't relax. Maybe once we have been to the docs we will feel better.

    Then headache will be because you have been upset and worried. Is your blood pressure under control

    Loads of luck for Tuesday. We can support each other xx

  • My blood pressure was good when I went on Friday.. it been very stable for years

  • Do you think we are taken It overboard ... i mean both of our doctors said not to worry about it... although I'm waiting for my results to come back to se if I have diabetes so that alone is scatting the hell out of me

  • Yes maybe we are. If the doctors say not to worry we shouldn't 😀

    Good that your blood pressie is stable. That's one of the the things they keep an eye on. I've had high blood pressure since my twenties and it's been up and down. It's been ok last couple of times

    The doctor told me Friday i was borderline for diabetes. Checking me again in 3 months so I'm hoping I can do it with diet and not let it get to that stage

    Good luck with your results with that too.


  • You too and I will keep in touch with you always!!! we can start our journey together

  • I am at level 3 CKD for almost 2 years now. With Doctor prescribed diet and exercise am able to slow down progresion. I too am in Florida (central). If you get to website for Davita and select education, you will be able to find a Davita 101 class in your area by putting in your zip code. My wife also went to the class and was helpful to both of us.

  • Thank you so much !!!! I'm just so scared at this point nothing was fully explained to me. The doctor just said don't worry your fine.. this is not fine it's a illness

  • You are welcome. Yes it is a disease and one that can be treated.

  • I just want to let you know I spoke to a doctor at the office because it felt like I was having a mother uit.. he was able to look at my results and informed me that the doctor wanted me to come back next month to redue the test because I have a uit 3 weeks before my physical could cause the test to slightly elevate higher then what it really is.. although the did say that there is some damage but it could be a stage 1/2 I have to go back on the 11th of nov until then he said drink plenty of water and see if the test reveal something different.. I did hear the doctor say I'm sure by next month it would go up some not to worry!! I'm praying for the best

  • Sounds like you are on right track. Many things can cause gfr to go up from infections to medicines etc. My cause is organic and age related. Good luck to you

  • I went ron the hospital for my uit and they did a ct and blood work on my kidneys and everything came back normal .. so how could I have ckd3 if everything was normal and my kidney are work fine??

  • We can 😀 im sure once we've had a proper chat with she doctor as well we will feel more relieved and have a better understand xx

  • Yes I'm sure we will...

  • I'm giving you some places to go to get informed about CKD. It will help you come up with the questions to give you the best information you need to get started. The American Association of Kidney Patients has an informative website, is a great place to get information. Also, will provide more answers as well as recipes for you to find kidney-friendly meals. There are many others but for now, that should get you started. You can find a free class in your area that gives you a ton of information of CKD.

  • Thank you 😊 I really appreciate it..

  • Hi Debra,

    I, like you, was diagnosed with CKD stage 3 earlier this year and I had exactly the same reaction. I panicked and felt awful, which I believe is completely natural when you're told something like that. However I would say that the doctor is right to say don't worry. The vast majority of people with CKD won't get to the stage of dialysis. Indeed I managed to get hold of my blood tests for the last 10 years and it looks like I've been hovering on the edge of stage 3 for at least that long and no-one told me. So in 10 years my kidney function has barely changed. Also I've learnt about a good kidney diet from a dietician and places like and in the past 6 months have even managed to improve my kidney function.

    I'm not a doctor, but my advice would be eat healthily, don't smoke, limit alcohol, exercise and above all relax and don't worry :-) there are lots of people on this site who will help and support you like they did me!

  • I went to the hospital for my uit and they did a ct and blood work on my kidneys and everything came back normal .. so how could I have ckd3 if everything was normal and my kidney are work fine??



  • Hi Debra, I'm the same. I'm 51, have a low body weight, low blood pressure, don't have diabetes or heart problems, don't drink, have never smoked, eat healthily and exercise, and have no history of kidney disease in the family. In short I have none of the risk factors. I've had a scan of my kidneys and been told they look fine. When I asked my doctor why I should have CKD, I was told, it's just one if those things.

    For me, I believe that my food intolerances may have contributed. I've been lactose, soya and alcohol intolerant for 5 years. I've been suffering GI issues in the last year and have now given up dairy completely aswell as gluten and my kidney function has improved. I haven't discussed this with my doctor yet but I'm willing to bet that she won't believe food intolerances have anything to do with kidneys. It's my theory only and, as stated before, I'm not a doctor, but I do believe you are what you eat. If you put rubbish in, your body won't work efficiently.

    But remember everyone is different. If you have high blood pressure it's likely that that's a contributory factor for you, so eating healthily, relaxing and exercising can only help that.

    Re food, you're probably best off speaking to a dietician if you can. They can see your blood test results and personalise food advice (every kidney patient has different needs). In general you need to avoid processed food and eat whole, natural foods. Avoid fizzy drinks and limit intake of red meat to a couple of times a week. And not too much dairy. Have a look at for kidney friendly recipes. I hope this helps.

  • Can you email me what you are doing and some recipes that you use ... I feel like I'm going to need it .. as I told you earlier I when to the hospital and they said my kidney were done nothing wrong with them and the Ct showed kidney were fine.. but idk if they run the same test as our doctor did to get those results

  • Hi, if I were you I would push the doctor to order a kidney ultrasound. I am not saying anything is wrong, but I too was so frustrated. My kidney is swollen, next step is kidney CAT and then go from there. I have uncomfortable spasms so there is a possibility of a stone. Also high blood pressure can be a cause. I sure didn’t want to hear it for I am the healthiest and leanest I have ever been. But, I am glad we are trying to figure it out. From my reading, I have read 28 million have ckd and most don’t know it. I am not convinced doctors understand the reason for cause and concern, just based on things I have read here. I wouldn’t panic, but pursue it. It is your body, Health,family. Great luck

  • Hi Debra, it’s easy to say and hard to hear but please try not to stress too much about your diagnosis. I’m also CKD stage 3 and have been for the last 16 years, I only found out when pregnant with my first child ( I am 48 now ) and at the time my consultant had never seen a 32 year old patient as it’s a typical not to have any symptoms although I had a water retention problem in pregnancy no one knew why until a biopsy. I have seen a renal dietician and take the advice very lightly as my consultant hasn’t restricted anything yet although will advise no over consumption of certain foods. To be truthful I didn’t enjoy the dietician “chat” and found it a bit wishy washy. You must be careful with salt and potassium as the kidney now struggles to flush these toxins out so limit fruit and veg but don’t stop eating them just soak in water to leach out the potassium in really green veg if you can and start boiling instead of steaming, limit nuts and coffee but again don’t cut them out unless you are advised. I’m in the same boat as I was 16 years ago as Long as I don’t gain weight then all bloods go crazy. Please try to accept your diagnosis and not worry, you’ve found this site now so keep talking and people will help you through. I think it’s luck you now know rather than get to an old age and be at a much later stage. Good luck to you

  • Ok, here I go again !! Worrying is not going to change a thing. Worrying will not make it go away. Learn to accept the challenge of making YOU be a healthy YOU. Stage 3 is really so much better then stage 4 or 5. Be a healthy weight, control you blood pressure, be sure your sugar level is under control. I have been trying to get to my healthy weight for over a year now, I will get there, I am still trying, but it takes a long time to lose weight. I have to lose at least another 20. However, only I, Me, can do it. CKD is basically dialysis in is my future, however, I can prevent it. ONLY ME !! Lets all do this together. We Can !!! XXOO Buddy

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