Lostartan for kidneys

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone is taking Lostartan to help with blood pressure and of course they help to protect kidneys from what I was informed. I am newly prescribed them as from today and also take another 2 different ones called Adizem 180mg, Nebivolol 5mg and the newly as above at 50mg. Anyone find any improvement in your kidney function from taking Lostartan? thank you x

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  • Saw your post. I was on Cozaar several years ago. About three weeks of it when I went for my annual EKG. I had a not great test and they asked me about the Cozaar (I always submit a med list at each doctor visit). I told them I was on it for several weeks and they told me to stop it immediately. I did and brought it to my PCP at the time and he was, "Oh!" I went back 4 weeks later for another EKG and it was great. They have been ever since. No more Cozaar for me.

  • Hi I'm on losartan & adizem 300 xl have been for a few years and my kidney function seems to be maintaining, also take doxazosin

  • My husband took them for a short while they gave him a bad cough he also took adizem for a while too but caused his legs to swell he now takes bisoprolol & candesartan which seem to work well! bp tablets only help protect kidneys by keeping the bp down high bp causes kidney damage x

  • Discuss any doubts about medicines with your doctor. Everyone is different and reacts different. Remember that your diet means a lot to your kidney health. Good Luck

  • hi i am taking losartan for blood presure 5mg .i have had transplant and all is well so should be ok regards chris

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