Grf was 55 and 58 on 2 tests now 66. All test done within 1 month. How is that possible?

So I had 3 tests in last month. First was 58 and creatine 1.47 and second one was 55 creatine 1.55 and third was 66 creatine 1.33. How is it possible for it to jump around this much? I am happy that it's up but now just wondering how? I have been eating better and more exercise and was taken off benazapril. Just at a loss and new to all this. Obviously I am still worried cause I am sure I am at stage 2 or maybe not. I have only seen my primary doctor and was making plans to see nephrologist now not sure what to do. I am trying to research everything for past month and this site is so helpful and has great support/feedback. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Don't worry too much about the close up and downs of those numbers. Medications, certain foods, stress and several other issues can cause a temporary jump in either direction for a short time. Give it something like 4-6 weeks between your labs and monitor your diet and meds and see if you can pinpoint the cause. Do a search online for how some of your meds may react to your CKD. If it were up to me I'd still see your nephrologist. If anyone can explain it more clearly the nephrologist will be the one. Ask all of your questions as many times as necessary so you understand and be certain that your PCP and nephrologist are on the same page.

  • creatine & egfr can vary day to day slightly that is normal when watching for kidney failure if you get a trend over a period of time of it reducing that is the worry but it takes many years my uncle has been told that an egfr of around 65 (65% function) is normal for a person of 72 as kidney function declines naturally with age so all these levels depends on age etc as to wether they worry or not with those figures i wouldnt worry x

  • Don't worry about this it is perfectly normal. The true name for GFR is actually eGFR where the “e” stands for estimate. It is only an approximation as there are so many factors that can cause your Creatinine (the main waste product measured to determine eGFR) to vary from day to day. Creatinine which lots of people mistakenly say they need to reduce is in fact not toxic. It is a waste product that our muscles put out when we use them. However, it is an excellent marker and easily and cheaply detected in a blood sample which is why the doctors use it to assess kidney function. So your eGFR can swing +/- 10% just based on how hydrated you are, how much exercise you have done or not done before the test and what you have eaten before the test.

  • So I haven't been officially diagnosed with Kidney Disease. My numbers look like stage 2-3 if what I read is correct. Should I see a nephrologist? I have always been borderline on efgr and creatine. My primary never seemed to worry but of course reading about the numbers has got me worried. Thanks for all the feedback!

  • Seeing a nephrologist can only help. At the least consider it a second opinion. The trick will come later as you strive to have the PCP and nephrologist be on the same page with treatment options and support. It's your health so be as proactive as you can be and don't be afraid to take charge. Best of luck.

  • Thanks for the response and advise and the positivity.

  • Yes the up and down of your egfr or creatinine maybe can differenciate from one day to another depenfing of yor dihydration and how much protein in take on the days

  • you dont normally need to see a nephrololgist at stage 2 just keep yourself hydrated & eat healthy keep healthy weight just like an ordinary person your gp will monitor you possibly blood test yearly or more frequent when in stage 3 my husband saw his neph yearly & the gp did the bloods theres not much they can do orsay unless they know the reasonong for it! x

  • You might want to have your regular doctor run urine tests to see if you have hematuria ( blood in urine) or proteinuria ( protein in urine). If you had either than you would definitely want to see a nephrologist as you need to keep a watch on that.

    My GFR was around yours, but I had hematuria. I saw a nephrologist and a year later had small amount of proteinuria. She had me come back every six months at that time. Finally, after awhile I had large protein leak in my urine and she said it was time for a biopsy. I have been seeing her every three months or so as new things have developed like high blood pressure.

    Each person is different and the cause for your kidney disease is different. Some people can go years without any change, some people have rapid decline ( which doesn't sound like you) , some people have large fluctuations ( like me), so I have to be monitored regularly until we see consistent numbers.

    Do what you feel will ease your anxiety. If going to a nephrologist now, even if you don't have the blood or urine, will help you, then do it. You are in early stages. The things you do now ( eating correctly by cutting down on salts and red meat, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol, eliminatingdrugs like aspirin and ibuprophin using Tylenol instead, exercising and anxiety control, blood pressure control) all will help you maintain a great working kidney for many years. Don't wait to make lifestyle changes until your function drops.

  • Mine dropped from 41 to 38 within a couple of months so I had another blood test a month later and it had dropped from 38 to 31 (in just 4 weeks) next result was 38 and now I’m 36

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