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Hi, I'm 51, male in India. Since I was 40, I've gone for annual checkups. The 2015 checkup showed creatinine went up to 1.2, since I was also noticing foamy urine, i consulted a reputed Nephrologist who laughed it off saying this level is expected in those who take BP medication (I'm on amlodopine+telmasartan for 7-8 yrs). Now, I've relocated and this year's checkup showed creatinine at 2.2, PSA of 25 and presence of albumin in urine. I went to a good GP this time who said while kidney functioning is deteriorating, nothing to do except stop smoking, eat less meats and get myself checked up after 6 months. My father is under moderate CKD treatment for 35 yrs

Costly prolonged treatment or transplant is not financially feasible. I'm confused what I should do, make a lifestyle change, see another doc or just make my will and wait for March next?? Any advice would be welcome.

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  • A lot of folks here have voiced similar concerns about not being informed early enough about their increasing CKD. I'm one of them. There is a lot you can do yourself to be proactive. Yes, stop smoking and drinking. Change to a kidney friendly diet (look at for recipe ideas. If you have access to a Renal Dietitian you might check with them on what exactly needs to be minimized (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sodium, etc.) and do what's in your power to control. Best of luck.

  • Thanks for your reply. It does comfort my hassled nerves. The thing is, I don't drink, eat meat say once in a fortnight, our food is a lot of greens, low on salt, spices etc. Except smoking I don't think there's a lot of tweaks to my food possible, thanks to my wife.

    I will consult a renal dietician tomorrow and share with the group.I guess I'm surprised because I always thought I'd go to a cancer, not to kidney failure.

  • Speaking of going... I once thought I might go in a war, but I survived one many years ago. Then I thought it might be from a heart attack...but, I lost 130 lbs and upped my exercise program and now I feel pretty good. Now, I have CKD and I know what's going to take me out...eventually. I'm not going without a fight so I'm doing all I can to keep myself here as long as possible.

  • Hi Manoj1k

    I have found with CKD 3 the best thing to do is make life changes.

    I have 6 monthly checkups but doctors arn't that bothered. I was having aches and pains with creatinine at 126 gfr 34.

    I have been following a renal diet, there are many good cookery books around.

    I also walk regular and have joined a yoga class. Drinks plenty of water and eat fruit and veg. I will be going for my next check up in September, I feel so much better, so it will be interesting to see my results.

    I wish you all the best. Bee28

  • HUgs Mano,

    I will try not to preach. However, let me tell you my story. I am 76 years old, I am the last one in my generation. I lost both brothers and one sister. I have one cousin left. I was the youngest. Now I am the 2nd Oldest, my Cousin in 3 yrs my senior. not doing too well. I realized after Afib episodes, and 5 different cancers, that all my wonderful caring doctors did their best to help me. However, I had to become my own doctor. I do have CKD. Lost a Ureter and kidney to cancer in 2014. So in 2016, I joined WW and lost close to 40 lbs, and started taking care of myself. I was overweight because back in 1985 I quit smoking and gave up caring about the weight I gained. I always said that I would go back to smoking if I ever made it to 70, needless to say after quitting I really no longer have the desire because I never knew how much I stunk. Amazing how other must of thought of me.

    So, today, this old lady, lives on Lake Ontario and I do a lot of gardening, bike riding, kayaking and walking. Thursday we head on to Our local pub on the Lake, and have Wings and beer. I feel great, I never thought I would be here doing this but believe me I am loving this healthy Old lady. I lost my Mom & Dad when they were in their early 60s.

    Well, sorry I didnt mean to preach but---- You take care of you !! Be healthy quit smoking and move on. You can do it !! You really can. Need some tips just ask. God Bless

    XXOO Buddygramma

  • Thanks, your life story was inspiring. I've been trying to give up - cold turkey, slow tapering, with nicotine aids etc..have left for a quarter or so each time and then it comes right back...any tips you can give will be surely helpful

  • The first 10 days is the hardest. I did not take any nicotine aids. I got sunflower seeds and tootsie roll pops. Every time I thought I would lose it, I grab either a pop or seeds. It works. I know you can do this. The problem with smoking is that you consider it a friend, "Hey, Friend, lets have a cigarette before we start this project". "Hey, friend that really pissed me off" "Hey, friend, lets go to sleep" and etc. At first you may think that you need a cigarette 300 times a day, but try counting the amount of times you have that desire. Once you realize that the desire is getting less and less. You know you are getting better. I was a 3 1/2 pack a day smoking (like my beer as well). If I could do it. You certainily can too. Good luck XXOO Buddygramma

  • Hey, that's motivating. Will try the rolls and sunflower seeds. Problem is I'm alone, afraid and bored so the tendency to reach for a cigarette now & then. I tried nicotene tablets but they were worse than the cigarettes, made me dizzy with the load. Last time I quit was March this year, and did it cold turkey. Lasted till June, and then it slowly came back. By July, I was at a pack a day again.

    Trying again, this time I will stock up on sunflower seeds, a homeopathic medicine, and tootsie rolls. Also signed up with a Gym, let's hope this does it...

  • No clue what you mean bu homeopathic medicine. However, I would not take anything but natural fruits or lollipops or seeds. When you break the routine of quitting, just be sure you get rid of all cigerettes in your home. I am telling you can do it. You quit after 10 days. You got it made. Just know that !! Do not go back and have just one. That does not work. Do not allow any in your home. If you are along and get bored with your computer or TV. Go and take a dresser drawer and pour it out on your bed and rearrange your stuff and make it neat. Then go to another drawer until your feeling has past. YOU can do this !!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Best words I heard all week. I'm giving it a go again tomorrow onwards. Let's see what I can do. An aunt is a homeopath, she once gave me some pills which are supposed to help me overcome the craving for nicotine. Didn't take them last time, am going to take them this time. Maybe that's the extra bit of push I need to stop and stay stopped. :-)

  • Good Luck and God Bless !!

    XXOO Buddy

  • I wish you luck in quitting smoking. I was never a smoker, but I respect how difficult it is. My husband gave it up cold turkey after hearing the coughing of another during recovery after a surgery. Mints got him through it.

    My dad ... also cold turkey. He used lollipops & keeping busy.

    Fear motivated them both.

    Best of luck. You can do this! We're rooting for you! 😉

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