I have stage 3 ckd. My urine tests have always showed no protein or blood but this time my urine is positive for blood. My doctor has ordered an appointment with a urologist for a cystoscope. Why? No explaination given. In many articles that I have read having blood in your urine is a symptom of kidney disease. So why the cystoscope? Has anyone else experience this? Thank you for responses! Wishing each of you all the best in coping with the many entities of ckd.

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  • Having blood in urine should be investigated to rule out anything nasty going on in the bladder. However, it can also be quite common for blood in urine to arise from a simple UTI. I also have CKD 3b and after experiencing several UTIs this year, an ultrasound revealed a "grey area" on the bladder. This was removed under a subsequent cystoscopy under general anaesthetic and revealed to be a benign polyp - phewee! They also carried out a stretch of the bladder entrance saying that this could resolve the frequent UTIs. Now 7 weeks later, have just been treated for yet another UTI! So back to the drawing board for me, it seems.

    Your GP is wise to suggest the cystoscopy - it will probably be a rigid cystoscopy carried out under a local anaesthetic in your case. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you Celtic! I did not have a UTI so that is one reason she ordered it. Hope they can resolve your ongoing issues with UTIs. Good luck!

  • Hugs Grams, I am 76 and I love my Urologist. I have cysto all the time, I have lost count. I have them right in the Dr office. It is just like a pap test except there is a tv to watch the procedure. I do, Some don't. Been doing this for about 10 years now. The doctors today are great and they do take care. I feel nothing. Quick and simple. You will be fine. Try to relax. XXOO Buddygramma

  • Hi Buddygramma

    Thank you so much for your response! You help to ease my anxiety. I have never had one done. I was thinking it would be just a consult but I am scheduled for the procedure. My concern was possible side effects like an infection and always concerned about anything that may affect my kidney function. It is next week so this information is helpful! Once again thank you and you take care!

  • Hi Grams,

    I had all kinds of tests done by a urologist when I first had hematuria. For me, it was opposite. I had hematuria, tests were completed, and when nothing in the bladder was shown, then I was sent to a kidney specialist. At first I had no protein in the urine, but did develop that as well and finally had a biopsy to determine I had CKD. My bleeding is caused by the type of CKD I have which is a form of glomerulonephritis, but not all CKD show bleeding so I'm guessing that's why your doctor is being preventative with the tests. It's good that he is being cautious, but would be helpful if he would explain why. I always make sure to ask my doctor why I am doing or taking or not doing things I think I should. It's our body after all and we have a right to understand what is happening to us. I'm not sure how it works in your country, but in the US you should feel free to call your doctors office and have the nurse practitioner explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have.

    Wishing you healing!

  • Thank you for your response Zazzel. We were talking about so many things in that appointment and running out of time that I did not get the chance to ask about specifics. Getting information from others helps a lot. Wishing you well!

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