numbness in feet and hands

numbness in feet and hands

Hello everyone, just been told by a receptionist when i rang for my blood test ( taken 2) that i was to be put on the CDK register, asked what this is and she told me oh its nothing to worry about, why would a receptionist tell me this? Obvs it worried me & i m seeing the dr Tues. I have issues with keep going to toilet, numbness in feet, whites bits in nails and sickness. My history is non hodgkins 17 yrs ago and wandered if the chemo has caused this, ii have no other health problems. Would love some advise. Im a white 57 yr female Sandy

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  • There is an old saying..."Don't take NO from a person who doesn't have the authority to say YES.

    In future dealings with a receptionist or any other tech person just relay the barest amount of information through them to the physician. Admittedly, I'm still new to a lot of this but, I know of no CDK or CKD register that someone is placed on. It may be some local program to have information sent to you, either by snail mail or e-mail as new information becomes available.

    A suggestion would be that when you meet the doctor go over your lab values line by line and know what they mean, especially if they are too low or too high from the normal range. Be sure to ask about each symptom you have and how it relates to the low or high values. A really good doctor will do that but not all of them. Make it important to you and they will comply or you'll know why you should find someone who will respond to your satisfaction.

  • Great advice Mr Kidney, will update after my appointment Tuesday Thanks again

  • Hello Sandragirl, First I'll say try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know, you will find there are lots of stakes to CKD here in UK there are 5 stages, US have different stages. I myself am at stage 4, and I have 25% function, thankfully I'm staying fairly stable, I think it is when you get to 15% they put you on the transplant list, but I have not heard of a CKD list , since I had my left kidney removed 4 years ago, I have had regular check ups every 4 to 6 months, where I go to my local hospital to see the nephrologist, having had a blood test before hand so he would have had the chance to check the results, he then advices me on anything to help me stay well, at the moment the most have been told is to stay eating sensibly, keeping fluid levels up, etc. diet regimes change according to what stage you are at. To be honest I have not really had any advice from my own G.P. I don't think they really know a lot about kidney disease, any info. I have got is what I have picked up myself at the hospital visits, or on a wonderful group I have joined online, where I have picked up lots of advice from ladies at all different stages,ad those who have had transplants etc. If you were interested it is called Women's Renal Failure Support Group, It is a closed group and only for ladies so that any embarrassing questions can be asked without worrying about others seeing it. I have gained so much information from them. Hope this has answered a few of your queries good luck . Jill

  • Jill, thanks, really good advice. I have just sent a request in to join.

  • Facebook has a ckd support group. I only like that one but there are many. Welcome

  • I have read that in the uk now that if stage 3 comes up in a patient they are being put on a register so that you will be more carefully monitored it does not mean you will ever progress to stage 5 it takes a long time in most cases its just a process of monitoring as you get older kidney function declines anyway a person in their 70s & 80s would be unlikely to have 100% function you can stay at stage 3 for many years x

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