Hi finally found the right place. I'm new in stage 3 but moving fast. Ty Kathryn

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  • Hi,

    You found the right place so you can slow down...unless you're worried that someone may be gaining on you. I'm new in Stage 3 also. I read my own records and found I was at Stage 2 about 8 months ago but my former nephrologist didn't say anything right away (long story).

    Hopefully, you are feeling okay with the news at this point. There is a lot of information out there for you to learn and get familiar with the options ahead of you. The folks in this forum are great for knowledge and support so post any questions you have and you should get some excellent responses.

  • Hi Kathryn, I am new to stage 3 as well and hope to find out what my previous readings were from my Dr at our next appt. That appt may confirm I am at level 3 or maybe my previous reading was a one-time fluke? Wouldn't that be nice!

    I have found myself feeling at times anxious about how best to stay healthy (not just diet but also sleep, stress, environmental toxins, etc).

    I also feel saddened, being only 57 (female), I figure I have aways to go in this life and I wonder why this has come my way?

    Lastly, depression lays on me like a black blanket somedays and I just don't feel motivated to do much (like stay healthy!)

    I realize this is a journey & the forum is only one way to reach out for support. Thanks for listening & best wishes with your own journey.

  • my kidney function is dropping fast. Thank you for your help. Appreciate it greatly !

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