Hello just looked at my test results my GFR has gone down again to 37 , but on looking at my results I found there was another test I had not seen before is is FI - Frailty Index0.58 can any one give me information as to what this is and how bad the results are I do have multiple conditions i.e.- aortic regurgitation, COPD but a few more thakyou in advance Angela

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  • Hi, This is a basic explanation of the F.I. score. The frailty index (FI) is used to measure the health status of older individuals - as a proxy measure of aging.

    "It is defined as the deficits present in an individual out of the total number of age-related health variables considered. An frailty index can be created in most secondary data sources related to health by utilizing health deficits that are routinely collected in health assessments. These deficits include diseases, signs, symptoms, laboratory abnormalities, cognitive impairments, and disabilities in activities of daily living."

    There is some information online about this as well as a Canadian study that mirrors this index. I've never had it on any of my labs but it's easy to have a low Index if, for example you have CKD with Diabetes and Hypertension.

  • Thanks for the interesting information on the frailty index. Do you know whether this applies to the U.S. or U.K. or both?

  • The original study was done by a team from a University in Nova Scotia, Canada. In the last couple of hours I've checked with some others and nobody has a F.I. on their lab results.

  • Hi thankyou I had read them but it was more the number that the dr has given 0.58 I can assure you mr kidney that the result is on my medical report as I can access this on line , I also have other illnesses that probably count towards my results ei- aortic regurgitation, COPD , osteoporosis to name a few so from what I can see none of the numbers I have seen on the FI index goes as high as mine lol oh I wil have to ask when I next visit the dr thankyou for all the replys

  • Thankyou me kidney yes I researched and my daughter in law is a senior nurse she also researched, it is very new approach that all GP surgery do this test as stated before I have heart condition also osteoporosis cold so it will be al these conditions together have a good day stay well angela x

  • Reading about the frailty index, I learned "The sample was very elderly (87.7 +/- 6.7 years . . ." Now I know that at 86.5 years, I am among the very elderly. I don't feel frail, but probably am. After falling on pavement twice in 2016 and escaping injury, I have moved to an independent living facility where someone can respond if I fall again.

  • Thank you.

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