UNTREATED UTI FOR 3 MONTHS!?? (please read)

UNTREATED UTI FOR 3 MONTHS!?? (please read)

Hi there. So I took a blood/urine test back in April at the lab and the results were sent to my pediatrician last week and my doctor asked if I had any burning sensation when urinating. I gave her a urine sample today and she told me that I had a UTI and prescribed me liquid antibiotics (hate pills lol). When I got home I immediately looked up UTI's and saw that if left untreated, it can cause a kidney infection. I obviously started freaking out because im pretty sure I had this UTI for a few months but I never really focused on any symptoms. If there were symptoms, they werent that prominent to the point where I told my mother. So now im scared. Is 3 months a long wait to treat a UTI????

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  • Hi,

    It depends on how severe the symptoms are. Think of pain as your body's way of saying, "Ow, somethings wrong!" Take all of the prescribed antibotics even if the symtoms disappear.

    You look a bit jaundiced in the above picture, did the doctor say anything about that?

  • Ha ha on the Jaundice! Doh!

  • If you had a kidney infection, you would know about it as you would have symptoms that made you feel unwell. So just ensure you complete the course of antibiotics and all should be well.

  • It can cause damage to the kidneys but its unlikely that you have had it that length of time as you would have felt pretty unwell my husband used to get infections & he would feel on the point of collapse when he had them if you ever feel like you have a UTI you must seek help as ASAP & get it treated better to be safe than sorry x

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