Ckd 3a protein+++

I just had my test report and I used to be protein++ since last year. Now I'm +++. Looks like my condition is getting worse. How can i reduce protein in urine? Gfr 59 creatinine 131. Is there something I am doing wrong? I'm yet to show the report to my doctor on Monday. Any help on immediate measures to reduce protein in urine? Getting swells and hurting foot. I'm 38 and African

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  • Hi there, Don't panic. Kidney disease is generally chronic and a few days until you discuss with your doctor won't change anything. However, do refrain from alcohol, illegal drugs and many over the counter drugs. Aspirin and pain killers (exception- tylonol) can do pretty quick damage to the kidneys. Discuss the medications you can take with your doctor.

    Visit the site . There is a lot of good info there on diet etc. watch your salt intake eliminating fast food and reducing processed foods which are loaded with hidden salts fats, sugars and preservatives which are all hard on your kidneys. Drink water instead of sofa and caffeine. Excercise, practice stress relieving activities like yoga and meditation. Basically live a really healthy lifestyle. Also, cut back on red meat and high protein meals. Here are some guidelines

    Depending on the cause of your kidney disease, you can reverse some of the damage or at least stop it from getting worse by changing what you eat and drink and getting or continuing to stay fit and active. Each person is unique and the causes of their disease are unique so make sure to discuss with your doctor what they think the cause might be and set up an action plan.

    If you feel you aren't getting enough answers from your mainstream doctor, there are holistic approaches you might consider. Maybe visit the site and read a few of her articles to see if it feels right for you. I have been working with her as well as my mainstream nephrologist with good results. My protein spills have gone up and down since I was diagnosed last Sept. Protein in ruined can be affected by illness. I recently had shingles and my GFR dropped by 10 points and I had an increase in protein. A month later, the protein reduced and my GFR went back up.

    If things get worse, there are medications you can go on as well which you can discuss with your doctor. Start monitoring your blood pressure. Ckd can cause high blood pressure. I always had low blood pressure, but it went up pretty dramatically and pretty quickly. Now I am on meds for that which is also supposed to help with Protein leaks.

    Sending you healing thoughts and many blessings.

  • Hi Zazzel, thanks so much for your kind words. I really appreciate you. Blessings back to you

  • Are you eating lots of high protein foods, gowusu? If so, your first line of attack should be to reduce those foods, especially red meat, and try and move to more of a vegetarian diet to see if that makes a difference.

    Apart from that an eGFR of 59 is very little to be concerned about as long as it is remaining stable at that figure. However, your Creatinine is somewhat high at 131. My Creatinine is at 123 but that is due to the blood pressure medication I am taking and the consultant is not concerned about that.

    When you see your doctor on Monday, perhaps you can ask him to refer you to a dietitian (a renal one if possible) for best advice. I hope the appointment goes well.

  • you can't really stop the protein leeching in to your blood just try to follow a normal healthy diet unless you are told otherwise egfr of 59 is 59% function your % is worked out by them using blood results combined including creatine!

  • My nephrologist explained that there are certain medication that can help the protein leaks, but they can do further damage to the kidneys and can have harsh side effects so generally are prescribed as a last resort. She recently put me on lisinopryl for high blood pressure. She said it would lover my kidney function a little, but has been known to help with the proteinuria. I had bloodwork a week after taking it and it's really too soon to tell, but my GFR was up by several points ( not reduced as she said it might be) and my protein leak was way down. As I said, it is too early to say for sure this will help, but I'm hopeful. :)

  • keeping the blood pressure lower will help kidney function your gp sounds like she knows what she's doing my husbands neph tried loads of combinations of bp pills to get his down as he said high bp causes damage to kidneys most people think it only damages your heart!

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