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Hi everyone,

I am new to here after getting a call from my GP about my blood test I was worried and looking some clues. I am 34 and recently I had checked my blood samples and BP . My BP is high as 125-140/85-99 (varies) and my egfr was 54 on 1 st week of July and day before yesterday it was 46 . I am worried and thinking about it . The GP refer to me to the Hospital to do for ultra sound scan but I don't know how long I have to wait. My weight is ok for my height and I have started to cut down the salt intake and eating vegetables (less potassium) . Is egfr 46 is too bad or should I push the GP to get checked quickly?

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  • Sam, it isn't so much whether an eGFR of 46 is "too bad", but more a case of whether it is stable at that figure, and, if your's has dropped from 54 to 46 since just the beginning of this month, then that certainly needs investigation, especially in view of your young age (eGFR naturally declines with age).

    So many things can reduce the eGFR, including high BP (your's is somewhat raised for your age especially), diabetes, certain medications - especially the NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. Even a urine infection - has the GP requested a urine specimen from you and sent it off for analysis? Sometimes urine infections can be 'silent'.

    In answer to your question, I would certainly ask your GP for referral to a renal consultant. Meanwhile, it's good to see that you are helping yourself by limiting salt intake. Hopefully, you are drinking lots of water as well.

    Good luck and do come back and let us know how you get on.

  • Dear Celtic,

    Thanks for your reply and it is very helpful to control my mind . Yes I have given urine sample last Friday and I am drinking water and taking enough fluids every day . I am thinking to call GP tomorrow and ask to get consultant and I will update you . Again I am really thankful for the reply . Have a good day .

    Thanks ,


  • Hello Sam1982, Sorry to read about your raised blood pressure etc., and think its great that your GP is so efficient. I think you might feel better if you spare the time to do some research about what you can do to help yourself, it certainly helped me! The usual 'no smoking, no or very little alcohol etc.' obviously apply but cutting out or cutting down on various foods is more surprising. I was given no guidance by my GP about what to do - just told to lower my potassium intake as much as I could. If you 'google in' ' Low Potassium Diet' this will bring up loads of information, some very good and some very poor. The one thing you will notice is there is no standard diet for anyone but you will be able to see common foods on the 'what to eat' side and that the 'what to avoid' side is very much longer! I found the Davita website is very helpful and has lots of nice recipes.

    Hope this info. may have helped you a bit and, as Celtic says, would love to know what transpires - Curleytop1.

  • Hi Curlytop1,

    Thanks for your reply.. I am checking all the info about healthy diet on google and as you said I have found what food is good for me . I will see how my ultrasound scan results. Then I will update you all . I am a non smoker and non alcoholic so it a matter of food and exercise for me .. thanks again.. tc


  • Hi Sam 1982,

    Researching things on your own is very beneficial. I have found this out in my own situation. I am stage 5. I have maintained that for awhile. I purchased a program called the kidney disease solution. It has been very helpful for me. It's good you are checking this out now. The sooner you start making changes, the better off you'll be. Prayers for you. God can do anything😀

  • Hi, I hope you were able to get an appt with your doctor as you will feel better once you discuss your situation with them. My nephrologist had me keep track of my blood pressure on a daily basis. She told me that I needed to see her if I had a consistent reading of 140/90( if either the systolic or diastolic reached those numbers on a consistent basis). Mine was all over the place for several months then started going higher consistently. High blood pressure can be caused by kidney disease, but can also make it worse, so getting it under control is important. I certainly have greater peace of mind now that my blood pressure is more stable after going on meds.

    It's interesting about what doctors will tell you regarding diet. Most don't know what to tell you except cut back salt until you get in later stages. My GFR was in the low 50s in 2013 and now I'm in the low 80's so depending on the reasons for your disease, there is a possibility to bring it back up. In my case, I have IGA Nephropathy which involves a lot of protein leaking into the urine as well as blood in the urine. My doctor believes it was caused by my food intolerances of which I gave many. Getting those under control has helped me reduce my inflammation thereby reducing the kidney damage.

    If you haven't already had a kidney biopsy, you might ask your doctor about that. After watching my kidneys for 2 years, I finally had a really large protein spill which caused her to issue a biopsy which in turn redulted in my diagnosis.

    Sending you healing thoughts and blessings.

  • Hello everyone,

    Hope you all well !!!

    I got the dates for my hospital appointment and ultrasound scan by end of August and that's the earliest I can get . Meanwhile I was searching some information about CKD and found out about Baking Soda .... any one heard about it and using baking soda as a treatment? Is baking soda is really healing the kidneys ?



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