Should I be concerned?

I am 70 years old, female & Caucasian. I had labs done in May 2016 ( eGFR. 58). Labs again Nov 2016 (eGFR. 48). Labs again April 2017 (eGFR. 42). I'm taking Simvastatin, Meloxicam & Lisinopril. I try to eat healthy-no caffeine & have eliminated any forms of asprin. I excercise daily & drink water constantly. Am retaking labs in October so hope to get a better reading of eGFR then; but should I be concerned?

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  • Mimi, if your eGFR has reduced by that much in just a year, then if it were me, I wouldn't simply wait for the next planned repeat of the blood tests in October but would ask the Dr to refer you to a renal consultant NOW. The present eGFR of 43 means that you have CKD 3a and if the same pattern of plummeting reduction continues for another few months you will be at CKD 3b. A kidney consultant will want to investigate the cause of continuously declining kidney function.

    Meanwhile, you would be wise to discontinue the Meloxicam - it is a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and such painkillers can harm the kidneys. I learnt that to my cost when I took Ibuprofen for some months some years ago and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with CKD3 (Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3). Good luck and do come back and let us know how you get on.

  • Went to my doctor yesterday and have eliminated Meloxicam from my daily prescriptions. I have been given a cream to apply to my painful arthritis joints and hope that my eGFR levels will improve. Will keep you informed. Thanks for all your recommendations. MimiSyl

  • Mimi i agree with Celtic i would not wait for planned tests i have a GFR of 41 which is high for me the damage the Vasculitis i have has damaged my kidneys to the point i was in single figures in the early stages but now with treatment and regular check ups with my consultant they keep a tight hold on me so that if any changes occur they can deal with it quickly and effective.I would request tests ASAP to keep an eye it.Hope this helps.

  • Thanks so much. Have a doctor appointment tomorrow. Will let you know ☺️

  • Hi MimiSyl

    I was prescribed Meloxicam for pain and 9 months later my kidneys had lost 31% of their function. I got all of this back quickly as soon as I stopped Meloxicam and more improvement again when my Thyroid was treated. My doctor had not done one blood test to check how my kidneys were!! Good luck with everything xx

  • You still in the normal bracket don't loose too much sleep worrying about it

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