Not sure if I am in the correct place tried to right a post in AF heart and followed ,

I have just had results back from my heart specialist, it reads sinus rytham/ sinus tachycardia also one containing the narrow complex run

72 hour tape sinus rhythm sudden onset offset 20 beat runof narrow complex tachycardia

No idea what this means is it AF I also have aortic regurgitation

Thankyou for anyone's help angela

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  • Perhaps you should try the HealthUnlocked "high blood pressure support"

  • I have found a group but it is not BP my problem is high heart rate thanks

  • Lot's of people on that site also have different heart problems, apart from hypertension they have tachycardia etc., this site is for kidney disease

  • Yes I know that I've been a member a long time I do have CKD

  • Sorry I didn't recognise your name, I just thought you were on the wrong site as you were asking about heart problems,



  • It's ok I have heart valve disease and thickening scaring on lungs I try to stay positive but when Drs don't want to give proper advise it gets me done regards angela

  • Not nice having several health issues going on together, like you I get very low in myself with having other health problems to cope with, I not only have stage 3 CKD, i also have been diagnosed with Adrenal insufficiency due to taking steroids for 17 years for another health problem called Giant Cell Arteritis, plus gallstones, hypertension, and a few other things, so i quite understand how you feel, It's nice to know we have these sites to have chat on,

    Take care

  • My husband has AF as well as dialysis & aortic regurgitation he had his valve replaced over 2 years ago AF he also had beats of less than 30 to which he had a a pacemaker fitted but still gets AF is when the heart beats too fast normal heart beats are 60 to 80 per minute he was just told this so never had anyone saying these type of figures to him afraid im not much help but we were told that the aortic aortic problems caused the AF!

  • Hello god of you to reply , I keep getting told that sinus tachycardia will not effect the aortic regurgitation but I think it must be connected my heart rate has been as high as 201 it's scary , thankyou so much for your help take care angela

  • sounds like you have AF to me my husband takes warfarin because of his when he had his valve replacement he was on something (Amiodarone) to try & settle it hes left with it going fast on & off they dont want to do anything else at the moment! i don't think it will make your valve worse but needs to be kept an eye on!

  • PS forgot to add that tachycardia is a fast rhythm so sounds like AF to me!

  • Yes I'm thinking on the same line as you but the cardiologist said doesn't think it's AF my feeling is if your heart is going fast then the arortic leek has to work harder as it is so on top of that I don't know , we can only go on what they tell us take care angela

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