Vitamins with ckd

So just wondering are vitamins ok to take having ckd?

I usually take vitamin c in the winter months

And a daily cod liver oil capsul

Does anyone know if vitamins or cod liver oil or any other vitamins are good/bad for ckd?

I take vitamin c to boost immune system over winter and cod liver oil daily to aid heart and blood pressure

Can anyone recommend if this is advisable having ckd ?

Do you take any supplements to help with ckd?

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  • I take cod liver oil, evening primrose and garlic capsules along with Renavit which is a vitamin tablet supplied by my Renal doctor. However before I took these supplements I spoke to my Renal Dr to check that it was ok and they did not interfere with my other medication i.e. Steroids. Also bare in mind that Tenavit already contains vitamins so you may want to check if you are over doing the vitamin intake.

  • depends how far down the line you are in general its best not to take anything without consultants advice ie my husband takes vit d prescribed by the consultant but the dose is forever being changed depending on blood results! i don't think cod liver oil will do much harm though not sure on vit c when your in the later stages vitamins can cause problems my husband had phosphate binders that were calcichew vit c but had to have them changed as the vit c was causing too much calcium to be stored in the blood witch causes renal bone disease. very complex so yes seek advice first especially when your past stage 3!

  • I take many vitamins and supplements and firmly believe they have kept my GFR up, actually they have at times raised it. I bought a kidney program and followed what he suggested for my disease which is pkd. I also drink nettle tea everyday. The program is called the kidney disease solution. Hope this helps! If you need any more info, let me know. Prayers for you. God can do anything!

  • Hello Bunkin

    Where can we buy a kidney program from ?

  • Go online and look up the kidney disease solution by Duncan Capicchiano. Should be able to order from there. It is an book but I also printed it out. Hope this helps you😀

  • And just so you know, I was doing all of this before I ever went to see nephrologist for the first time. The only thing he took me off of was vitamin c because I also had kidney stones

  • Thanks Bunkin

  • Vitamin D is essential for CKD patients as the kidney's are responsible for producing Vitamin D in the body. CKD patients kidney are not working in optimal condition so Vit D supplements are very necessary. I also take a single "multivitamin" pill as well.

  • I agree with most here, definitely check with your Dr. My nephrologist put me on Vitamin D, 50,000 iu once a week, and it has really helped me to feel a little better overall, so I know for sure that one can be very low because of ckd, and it's definitely smart to supplement it in. But have your labs and talk to your dr about what you want to take and why, and I'm sure they will help you create a plan best for you.

  • Hi All - this is very interesting because I've taken a wide range of vits and minerals for many years, thinking I was helping myself to live and long and healthy life, only to be told by my GP and Nephrologist to stay off them as a) they are not necessary if you're on a healthy diet and b) they are contributing to the damage that has happened to my kidneys. If you look on the NHS web site for advice about medications and remedies you can take and those you should avoid, vitamin A (which is contained in cod liver oil capsules and multivitamin tablets) is a definite 'no-no' for those with CKD. You can get vit A from oily fish and spinach etc so no need to take it. Anything your body doesn't need has to be processed by the kidney, which overloads it unnecessarily. I stopped all vits and minerals supplements when my kidney function dived from 60 to 28 in a month and it's now at 41. I am not convinced that all vits are bad for you, or even that they caused my kidney problem, but they may well have contributed. I do believe taking omeprazole for nearly a year and use of Ibuleve gel over several years for my aches and pains have more likely contributed. Hope this helps.

  • I take a multivitamin called ProRenal + D (They also have one with omega-3s). It's specially formulated for those with CKD. Regular multivitamins don't have the right balance to maintain optimal kidney health...too much of some vitamins...not enough of others. For instance, it contains vitamins C, D and a balance of B's. No other "alphabet" vitamins (like A or E). The only other ingredients are iron, selenium, copper, zinc and lots of folic acid. Notice the things that are missing, like magnesium, potassium and phosphorous, which you really shouldn't take (in any form). As with Sunsetter, I've stopped taking Omeprazole, and of course, never, EVER take Ibuprofen.

  • totally agree with Crinkster & sunsetter it worries me when kidney patients talk about supplements & vitamins as it all needs careful monitoring as a wife of a husband who has been on dialysis for over 6 years i know that too much vit d & c can cause renal bone disease you veins & arteries get calcified so please please all take specialist advice first before taking any over the counter remedies!!!

  • I would speak to your Doctor before taking any supplements as some supplements can have a detrimental effect on kidney function. Your Doctor can advise you which are safe to

    take and possibly prescribe some vitamins, I'm on Ketovite and Thiamine plus B12 injections every

    3 months

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