How long for results/ultrasound

How long would you usually wait for the results of a kidney/pelvic ultrasound? I was told by the Sonographer that they will be sent straight to the Dr/neph who requested for this. Now i have not rang because i was informed before the scan they will be in touch if needs be, but my follow up appt is 13th July. I understand the results are faxed straight though. Just being curious now. It was a week ago today i had the scan. Thank you x

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  • here in srilanka it w0uld not take even 30 minutes

  • I would imagine they would have them by now my husband on one occasion the neph sent him for a chest xray & when we got back down to her she had already looked at it on her computer! good luck for your july appointment x

  • Thank you for your replies. So I take it its possible that they already have the results, and if anything too sinister they would have contacted me by now.....maybe?

    I do have renal clinic appointment early July and understand the Neph/Prof will go through the results with me, but if anything to worry about should they contact me prior to my appointment?

    Sorry for the questions, as many of you know on here, i suffer bad anxiety. Thanks again, I would be lost without you all x

  • Yes if they are worried they will contact you when my husband had acute kidney failure he went from stage 3 to 5 quickly for no apparent reason the consultants used to phone with the results & also phoned to tell him they would admit him next day to try & halt the decline! so please don't worry you are in good hands x my husband has had excellent care throughout!

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