Hello just wanted to introduce myself, my name is LanoraS. I was first diagnosed at the age of fourteen. I've been on both peritoneal and hemodialysis. I received my first kidney transplantat when I was 20yrs old it lasted exactly 10 days. I was then placed on hemodialysis, and had no idea it would be another 17 years before I would receive another transplant. I'm very thankful to the donor and his family for giving me the opportunity to live a normal life again.

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  • Welcome to this site, Lanora. I'm sorry to hear about your first transplant experience and glad to hear the second kidney is working well for you. I hope more people will learn about the need for donors. At 86, I'm too old to be considered for a transplant, but have remained in stage 3 for two years.

  • Hello Jaykay777, I totally agree that it would be great if more people were Aware and understood the need for donors I try to educate others every chance I get. Hope you continue to do well.

  • Welcome. Thank you for sharing your story. You will give hope to those on here who are losing kidney function that life can go on with proper treatment. I'm sure Your input will be greatly appreciated in answering questions regarding transplants and dialysis.

  • Thanks Azazel, I'm really hoping that my input will be helpful.

  • Glad to hear about your second transplant. Hope you are following a kidney & heart friendly diet. Proper diet plays an important role in keeping your kidneys stable and keeping you alive & healthy - not just prescribed medications.

  • Saifomar, I am very thankful for my second transplant. And you're absolutely right diet does play a big part along with excersise and most definitely medication.

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