Eye dilation test for BP/Kidneys

I am currently posting lots of posts because I am really suffering anxiety at the moment. As a full time carer for my 22 yr old autistic son time is really tight and he will not stay with anyone else. I know its important to get my health issues checked but the anxiety is really getting on top of me. Since my function drop from 29 to 23eGFR recently my Neph ordered a pile of tests, this includes another ultrasound scan, wearing 24 hr monitor, eye dilation test and possible biopsy. However, my diagnosis was confirmed a few years back that I have famillial kidney reflux scarring and one larger than the other. Anyway, please can anyone tell me if you've had an eye dilation test and what this entails? thank you. I was told it blood pressure related. Thank you all for listening to me x

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  • Hi dizzy di

    If it's the same thing, I had an eye dilation test a few years back. Drops were put into my eyes to dilate the pupils, so the opthalmolgist could see into them. Puffs of air (pressure ) were blown into them. This was to see calcium deposits in my eyes. It felt a bit odd and I couldn't drive for the rest of the day. Bright light hurt. And that was it. Hope that helps. It was a fairly straightforward procedure. X

  • Thank you Nicolala, I feel more reassured now :-) Hope the results came out good for you. Did they tell you there and then after the test of the outcome? Not sure if I have to get this done through the hospital outpatient or the opticians but awaiting a letter to come through. However, today in the post I received my letter for an ultrasound scan which is next Wednesday not had one in a good while do I do not mind them apart from the holding on for a wee after drinking a pint and a half lol x x

  • I went to the opticians initially, they sent me to the hospital. The hospital sorted it straight away. Good luck with the ultrasound x

  • Aww thank you so much and for the information, I know what to expect now. Are you from UK? x

  • Yes, I'm in the Nottingham/Derby area. Been on dialysis 26 years and counting! How about you?

  • Aww lovely there where you are then x Yes I live in South Wales (Torfaen). x Wow 26 years on Dialysis bless you too and there is me moaning at being at late stage 4. Credit to you sweetie. x x

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