Yoga/Meditation with Kidney Disease

Does anyone do Yoga and or Meditation to help with Blood pressure/Anxiety etc? If so do you think it's helped you? I am going to start natural Meditation to help me relax, as I am awful at any medical setting where my BP ends up going through the roof, home readings are not as bad but I get my days of getting worked up before appointments etc. Now I am aware Yoga is good but there is only so much we can do on that because harsh bending will not do our kidneys too good if we have kidney issue, but I am looking into the basic movements to see if this helps and Meditation. I have read that both of these can be good for us, our blood pressure which then helps the kidneys, but would like to hear from you of your own experience if possible please :-) I want to do all I can to improve my blood pressure and anxiety to stop that kidney function from getting any worse :-) x Thanks again x

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  • I do the same thing. It may have helped some but my BP is always high at doctors office

  • Thank you x My family GP calls it whitecoat (UK saying) Whitecollar (USA saying), the fact that mine are always up at medical settings. My Neph wants me to wear one of those 24 hr monitor things and i have explained that because I know I am wearing it it will for sure rise, the last neph the professor said best to leave it then that was before i went to see the Dr neph last week who insists that i wear one and get a biopsy. I am also awaiting another kidney scan as not had one for 2 years, lots going on and another appointment for eye dilation to check behind the eyes because of the blood pressure x No wonder i am suffering anxiety lol x x

  • I know, it's never ending. Every time I get to a place I feel ok, something else happens😀

  • Do you ever feel like your body is no longer your own? :-( x

  • Everyday!

  • Yes, I've started doing both. I am a highly anxious person and am constantly working to try and stop worrying. While at the doctor's office, I sit and clear my mind and picture myself on a beach with the sound of gentle waves. It's funny because my be at the doctor's office is always lower than when I take it at home because I never wait long enough to relax at home before taking it.

    I also started listening to Elkhart Tolle author of "The Power of Now." He has free videos on YouTube or you can purchase his book on Amazon. His teachings have taught me to slow down my thoughts and live in the present. There is only now. You are alive now. Living in the scary thoughts of the future will not change it. You can only control what you do and how you feel now. Although it will be constant work on my part to live this way and to get better at living in the now, his teachings have been life altering to me. I might add that I'm also Christian and have always had a strong faith in God. I used to pray for things I wanted, but I've changed and now Giving thanks everyday for all the many blessings in my life, for the health I do have and for all the good things in my future. I see this as a form of meditation as well even if you don't share those beliefs, giving thanks to whatever you believe in every time you feel stressed can also help a little.

    I also do gentle yoga stretches and that helps a lot as well. It removes so much stress and inflammation from my body.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you Zazzel for your feedback bless you too and thank you for that wonderful information. I shall of course get on Youtube and have a good go at this.

    I feel more positive now and your so right as well, I do worry about what's to come and need to think more of NOW and not later, great advice there thank you so much.

    I'm happy to hear you do this and it helps you, that is also wonderful to know that yoga can help with the inflammation going on in our body's as this is something i need to work on also, because of slightly elavated CRP levels from current blood results.

    I appreciate your feedback on this, thank you so so much again and also the best of luck to you :-) x

  • Ah, that makes me smile that you feel more positive. Thanks for letting me know. That is why we are all here, to support each other through what at first seems so scary, and to share advice as to what is helping us. I hope you enjoy his videos as much as I do :) Many blessings to you!

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