C-Protein Level with Kidney disease

Hi everyone, may i ask please if anyone ever had raised levels of C-Protein (CRP) and even though I am aware this means there is something going on in the body like some sort of inflammation or infection it does not tell you exactly where. If this applies to you how was it dealt with? Mine is showing level number 15. thank you in advance x (UK)

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  • Hi dizzydi

    I have Chronic Kidney Disease and just a sole kidney but it has never caused a rise in my CRP levels. However, I have experienced very high CRP levels in the past due to an autoimmune inflammatory illness. Have you been experiencing any chest virus - it is known to rise with that? It could be due to absolutely anything so what symptoms are you experiencing, if any? You could simply be harbouring a silent virus/infection and perhaps if the test is repeated it will have returned to normal. Otherwise, over to you Dr for his investigation.

  • Thank you for your feedback x I am asthmatic, and going through the change, not sure if that would contribute towards raised levels of CRP, however before that actual test the other day i was racing to get there by using the flights of stairs, as lifts were very busy. x x

  • Then perhaps you had some airway inflammation due to the asthma at the time. Do get the test repeated.

  • Thank you. Yes that is a possibility inflammation due to asthma. Mind I do also get painful finger and some toe joints but not all the time. They should be contacting me anytime on these results so I assume they will be repeated. These tests were advised by my neph cos i also had a kidney function drop to 23 from 29 as it was 29 six months ago. Maybe just maybe whatever is going on in my body at the moment with that showing raised CRP levels contributed to why I had a drop, goodness knows but hope to find our. I should be getting a kidney biopsy and a further scan as well, so waiting letters for those appointments to come through hopefully soon to get them done with. ;-) x

  • Good luck on all fronts.

  • Thank you very much and for your help x

  • plz google as c reactive protein, u will get a specific answer

  • crp levels should be below 10 it is a measure of inflammation or infection marker my husbands (on dialysis) now runs at around 12 to 20 when it raised to over 200 he was hospitalised with infection if he gets urine infection it gets to around 79 or so when he was quite poorly he had levels of over 400 someone with arthritis would have higher levels because of the inflammation! in your case maybe the asthma would cause naturaly high level they use it to give themselves an idea of whats going on it will probably be repeated so they can keep an eye also if you have even a cold the levels will be raised because of the inflammation from that!

    hope this helps set your mind at rest

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