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Hi everyone. I found out I had CKD following a routine blood test in September, then eGRF 58, doctor asked me to come back in 3 months, when it was then eGRF46 and it continued to drop to a low of eGRF28 by end of Feb. This was possibly caused, according to the nephrologist, by use of ibuleve gel, taking various vitamins and supplements, and taking omerprazole to suppress acid production in the stomach. On top of this I had a series of coughs and colds through November, January ending in a horrid chest infection around end Feb. Been to see the consultant nephrologist on 21/4/17, when my eGFR had gone up to 37 and he asked me to get a chest x-ray, also said if my eGRF was still below 40 by this week, I needed a biopsy to find out what's been happening. My question is really - has anyone else had one of these - it requires a small needle into one of my kidney's and then I have to lie on my back for 6 hours, following which, if there is blood in my urine, I have to stay in hospital until that stops. I am a bit concerned as I feel that if my dear little kidney's are struggling, sticking a needle in one of them isn't going to help them to get better! What do you advise - please share your thoughts/experiences - it would be much appreciated.

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  • Dear Sunsetter

    The biopsy is just to scrap a piece of tissue to find out how much of ur kidney is still functioning. I did that too. The trace of blood in urine is to ensure that ur kidney has stopped. Everything should be fine. My eGfr is on 31 n my doc informs me not to worry. What the doc wants is tt the kidney function is stabilised. The worry is if it keeps deteriorating.

    Take apple cider vinegar n ur results should improve.

    I do take omerprazole occasionally to get rid of acid. Furthermore i m diabetic.

    Your nepro should be able to advice u better.

  • Hi Peter - thanks very much for replying and the information, it helps to know what other's with the same condition, have experienced. Thank you

  • Hello Sunsetter, I too found out I had CKD following a routine blood test a couple of years ago. At that time I was already down to eGFR 18 and the doctors think it was caused by my immune system after a chest infection I had a few months before. It was suggested that I had a biopsy but after discussing the risks with the nephrologist we decided that as my kidney function is stable albeit it very low it was best not to have the biopsy. I think in your case with the rapid fluctuations in kidney function if they can find out what is causing it through the biopsy and give you medication to stop it / slow it down then I think it would be worth having.

  • Hi Rabbit, thanks very much for your advice. What you have said about having the biopsy to find out what's happening, is more or less what my GP said when I asked her advice about going ahead with the biopsy, which is going to happen on Thurs 18th May now, unless there is suddenly no hospitable bed available. Thanks very much, I feel better about it now.

  • No problem. Hope it goes well. Do let us know how you get on.

  • Just wondering about the process of a kidney biopsy is it painful ? Does it take long to do ?

  • Hi Stevo, I've been told there's a local anaesthetic and it's not painful - I hope - I'll let you know. The procedure doesn't take long, but the recovery is 6 hours on your back in the hospital before being released, and you must be accompanied home and overnight. If there's complications you have to stay in hospital, but apparently that is rare! Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on and that may be helpful to others. Take care

  • Hi there Sunsetter I found out I had CKD 2012/13, but at the time I stupidly refused kidney biopsy. However back then i was in stage 3 and I've not dropped to stage 4 infact 6 months ago it was 29 and now 23, so its been advised again to get a biopsy. Now a number of further blood tests have been undertaken again and my C-Protein levels raised to 15 so over the normal range which can mean something going on in my body like an infection/inflammation - this could be the problem why my function has dropped. I do not know where you are from but I will be referred to Cardiff (University Hospital of Wales), and like you i was told the procedure takes about 20 mins and lie on back for 6 hours, that will be hard cos i am fidget lol but I know I must do this. Hope all goes well for you. Please can you post back when you have had this procedure done and let me know how you get on? I will be so grateful thank you :-) x

  • Hi Dizzydi I am from Northamptonshire so it should be a similar procedure to yours. Yes I will definitely let you know how it all goes - it is still on at the moment despite the computer issues the NHS have been hit with. I too will be fidgety but hopefully I can listen to the radio to take my mind off things. All the best X

  • Hi Stevo

    The biopsy is not painful. Thet will just numb the area where they are going to do the insertion at waist level on the right side. It is over within 15 minutes.

  • Hi it's Sunsetter again. I said I would put a comment about the renal biospsy I had yesterday. I know there is a lot about this in some posts from about 5 years ago which I've just read. My experience yesterday was overall a lot better than I thought. The Northampton General did a fantastic job. Everything was explained as I went through the various tests and procedures so I felt very comfortable. On arrival I had my bloods taken to check lots of things like my eGFR, my clotting rate (make sure the area healed up ok), weight, questions about my health etc. I then waited about 2 hours to get the results of the bloods. The doctor came and we went over some medical history and what led to this biopsy. He told me about the risks which all seemed very reasonable. I lay down on my tummy and the doctor used the ultrasound scanner to find my kidney's then decided that the left one was best. He placed a marker on my skin where he would insert the needle. There was a lot of application of sterilizing liquid, hygiene was scrupulous. The first thing was the injection of local anaesthetic, which was injected first in the upper skin level, then further down so that all the way down where the needle would go it would be numb. He then put something into the skin and asked me if I could feel that, which I couldn't so no more anaesthetic was administered. They made sure I knew what the sound of the clipper (or whatever it is called) would be by demonstrating it first, so I didn't get a scare. Then they inserted the needle and took the first go, they did this 2 more times, not sure why, but maybe trying to get a big enough sample. Each time he did this I felt the pressure of him pushing down the instrument and whilst this wasn't painful, it wasn't pleasant - a bit like having a filling at the dentist. I was pleased when he said that would be the last one. Then he asked me to move on to my back. He showed me the sample he'd taken which was in a little plastic pot suspended in a liquid - it looked just like a thin red worm. This all took about 20 mins. I was then wheeled into a recovery room where I stayed on my back for 6 hours, with gradual raising of my back rest for the last 2 hours so my body got used to not being horizontal. My temperature and blood pressure was checked every 15 mins to start and then every 30 then every hour. I was very well looked after, with drinks and a sandwich brought to me and the inevitable bed pan, which was a bit fiddly but I managed not to embarrass myself. Because there was no blood in my urine and all other vital signs were good, I was able to go home. You do need to be accompanied home and overnight and then not lift or do any heavy exercise for the next 2 weeks. I'm a bit sore in my lower back and am taking it easy but haven't needed and pain-killers. I get the results on the 6th June - so wish me luck! As I say, they told me everything that would happen and what to expect, so there were no nasty surprises and this made is much easier and less stressful. I also got through a big chunk of my book on the kindle and the time flew by. It was quite nice being waited on hand and foot for a change! I hope this helps others.

  • Hi Sunsetter, glad it went well. When will they let you know the results? x

  • Arh sorry missed that bit, you get them on the 6th June, all crossed here for you x

  • Hi Dizzydi - you said you were going in for a biopsy too, when is your's? Thanks for your good wishes. x

  • Hi Sunsetter, I've not been given a date as yet but my neph wanted me to have another ultrasound first, so I had this the other day, not sure on the results of them yet but the sonographer did state something about my right kidney was not happy, but they would not say anything more.

    So whether or not these results are enough to avoid a biopsy, or they may decide that I still need one. I am sure I will hear anytime soon of another appointment, but otherwise my next neph appt is 13th July.

    Everything crossed for a good outcome for you on the 6th :-) x

  • Hi DizzyDi - it sounds like you are in good hands. I didn't want to have the biopsy either, but as you saw it really wasn't too bad at all and if it helps to get the right treatment then it will be good. Stay positive and look after yourself - good food, exercise (walks are good) and good night's sleep if you can. Take care x

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