Creatinine fluctuations

So I spoke to the doc today and my creatinine has gone back up to 103! All driving me a bit bonkers.

I'm now waiting on my urine results. I tried to tell the doctor about my marathon training and he said they won't make a call until they have the full picture, so now I wait for the doc to call me on Thursday.

I have bad pain in my lower back on the right and hardly slept a wink last night as lying on my back really hurt, and sides! Walking has been difficult too. I'm not sure if this is related or I've pulled a muscle training. I'm laying off the training for a couple of days.i want to see if it might be a kidney stone? What are your thoughts? I'm urinitaing fine and drinking water, it's nearly clear my urine too.

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  • Creatine & egfr can alter day to day if you had a test daily it would probably be different thats why they look for a trend over a period of time for a true picture of the degree of kidney failure, you may have pulled a muscle see how it goes with resting & urine should be clear & straw coloured presumably you have been tested for infectiion a scan would show up any kidney stones they are very painful in the back etc depending on where they are you often get no other signs than pain!

  • Thanks my first urine of the morning is usually darkest, but other times pretty clear no froth. Well some bubbles but not like a beer head

  • Well the doc called and the lab missed the protein test, so now I have to go back again and she will do a dip test.

  • Do you have any idea of the variance? Mine has pretty extreme jumps. Up 10 points down 10 points. Is that normal?

  • Probably not the best person to ask, as I'm lacking knowledge as a whole. But mine had been down to 65 GFR and up to 75 GFR.

  • It can vary a lot 10 would be considered normal when looking for kidney function loss they take bloods of a period of time so that they get a trend as just a cold can even cause a difference!!! obviously if you had a massive difference acute you would be rushed in to hospital kidney failure is usually slow over a period of time though!

  • Has doc mentioned you could have a urinary obstruction( kidney stone) Daz. That could be the reason why he's checking your urine for blood . Do you have a temperature with the pain?you should be pushing for a kidney scan and appointment with the nephrologist if creatinnes rise with your next blood results . they should be testing again within the next fortnight. Kidney stones are incredibly painful ( worse than childbirth) so get back to your doc if they get even worse than last creatinnes rose very quickly too and then dropped quickly .. as phillen said they can vary from day to day. A good idea is to keep a check on your urine.. if it is dark and frothy it's not a good sign.. yours is pale and clear which is good.. don't get stressed out.. it will get sorted.

  • Thanks the docs mentioned nothing. I will be getting a call tomorrow regarding the urine sample, hopefully I can get a chance to chat to her and ask my questions

  • So I had a call from the doc this morning, the lab did the wrong test! They did an infection test, but not a protein.

    She asked me to call by this evening and she would do a dip test.

    This has been done and with the results she said, I do not have kidney disease and they won't need to check any further.

    Bit of a whirlwind affair, but it seems that is that....?

  • Oh and she said my back pain is too low and not near the kidney. Put it down to muscular injury from training!

  • I don't mean to be mean but you are nuts. Why will you destroy your body with so much exercise? Look, I used to do a lot of running or walk long, long distances. I hiked on the Appalachian Trail about 38 miles one day with between 30 and 40 pounds on my back. So, I know about exercise. But the human body has limits. I had a friend whose chosen exercise was swimming. She went to the doctor and he asked her one question. What's your exercise routine? He told her to cut it out. Period. Six months later all the pains and discomforts were gone. She still exercised but she did it in moderation. Your body is trying to tell you that it cannot take all that physical punishment. Give it a rest.

  • I am raising money for the British Heart Foundation by running the Berlin marathon, having almost lost my father in law in November from multiple cardiac arrests. So yes maybe I am

    Nuts by doing so for the benefit of others. Perhaps I should look at why I'm doing this, but at the start I had no idea what affect would occur.

  • Good news Daz78 about your results but as said before ,your body is telling you something.. you have been given a second chance ,0unlike a lot of others on this forum that are living through declining kidney function. You are perhaps one person out of hundreds that marathon training is not good for.there are other ways of fund raising that doesnt put your body under pressure. Good luck and treat your body as a temple!!.

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