What are your symptoms

I like to do a study to get a feel of things. First, write at least your last GFR. If you can several, starting with the oldest one. Then, write your symptoms.

53, 61,69, 48, 55, 54

Lower back discomfort, leg cramps, mild swelling feet and uncles, Upper chest discomfort, sore muscles, strange sensations in mouth and face. I think due to swelling, slight vertigo now and then.

69 years old, not overweight, heart in great condition, but suffer from other things. Can't tell for sure if all these symptoms have to do with CKD.

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  • I had, and have, zero symptoms. My eGFR has remained stable for the 2 years since diagnosis. I'm fortunate that my primary care doctor tested for indications of kidney disease and notified me of slight changes in my test results immediately. I became the patient of a nephrologist, took the one-day Davita course and bought several cookbooks recommended by people on this site. I also consulted a renal nutritionist.

  • Firstly, have you been diagnosed with CKD and, if so, what are your eGFR and creatinine levels?

  • 12, 13, 15, 17, 11, 12, 13

    My back gets tired easily. Doesn't really hurt and overall fatigue, high blood pressure

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