Worried ckd 3 feeling down seeing the doctor soon : (

Hi is getting close to my kidney doctors appt and feeling worried and down. I'm tryin to be positive and happy but when it gets close to seeing my doctor I feel depress and sad I can't helped it the doctor told me that o shouldn't be worried . But I can't help it when I'm alone that's all I think about and feel depress at times that I feel I have lil time left . I have a kidney transplant I was on stage 2 for soo long that since it when down to stage 3 I feel everything change in my life. I just wanna be happy and enjoy myself and be positive, can u guys give me some advice to help me cope and be strong please...,

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  • Hi. can you tell us what your eGFR number is. Please don't worry, just wait and see what your Kidney Dr. has to say at your next appointment, I'm sure if things were not right with your kidney function they would have informed you sooner. I am at stage 3 with an eGFR of around 40. I try to eat sensible, and drink lots of fluids, I find going out for a walk helps.

    Perhaps you could speak to your own GP. about how you feel before you see the kidney Dr.

    Let us know how your appointment went.

    Take care.

  • 55 last time and I checked in Davita calculator and I'm in creatine 1.21 and it said gfr 61 the doctor told me not to worry at all

  • Seeing your renal doctor is the best way to know what's happening and how to look after yourself and your kidney. I can understand why you are worried; you don't want your gift to be taken from you. Remember that people can live a long time with stage 3. Your renal doctors will want to look after that kidney too and will do their best to help you. Try to stay positive, it will help your general feeling of health. Continue to enjoy life. Make the most of every day with your transplant. It will help you to feel stronger. Good luck. X

  • Thankz for ur advice

  • We all feel that way sometimes. I pray every day and give thanks for each day I don't have to get transplant or go on dialysis. I pray for strength to get me thru the whole process, time to enjoy as much as I can and I pray for everyone on here that research will lead to some kind of a cure. I think of others who are way worse off than me. Even tho I get tired easily, at least I feel good, there are others that don't. My life may change when I have to go on dialysis or get transplant but others lives have changed drastically for whatever reason and they're making it thru. So will you. Faith and trust in God can bring you peace of mind if you let it. Stay strong. God can do anything😀

  • Thank u so much for ur advice u guys really cheer me hope 🙂

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