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Hi All

I am having a bit of a nightmare of late with blood tests, in that they keep picking things up.

The latest one is Kidney Function, my creatinine level was in range (111) but I had a low eGFR of 65.

I've never even thought about any Kidney issues ever.

I am going to the docs tomorrow for another test, as they called last week to retest in 7 days.

My history is that I do eat a bit of cooked meat, and on high protein and currently training for a Marathon run.

The night before my last test I ate a large Steak (I wasnt told to fast by the doc at all) I knew absolutely nothing about CKD then.

Tonight I am going to fast and not eat after 8pm, my test is at 9am and see how the results compare.

Today I do feel like I have lower back pain in my Kidneys, whioch thinking on I have experienced before and never paid any attention to it?

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  • I don't know how to tell if your lower back pain is caused by your kidneys, but maybe someone here can advise you. I have stage 3 kidney disease and know my occasional low back pain is muscle pain. I never thought about kidney function until I was diagnosed.

  • you don't need to fast for kidney function tests egfr of 65 is stage 2 mild depending on your age! function decreases with age! if they know what has caused it they may be able to prevent any further decline you can stay at the same stage for many years might be just dietary changes are needed most importantly keep yourself hydrated! take care good luck with your marathon

  • Dear Daz78 I have recently had a very quick decline in my kidney function and raised creatinnes.when I got to the nephrologist she told me how high protein in the diet( for some people) can cause these problems. She said she has seen a massive increase in patients being sent to her with your problem due to a very high protein diet( protein shakes) And most of these people were runners and body builders.! Recently I have heard of a friends husband ( a body builder but very healthy eater,) who doesn't take shakes but eats very high protein having to have a kidney biopsy for his declining kidney function.he also was suffering from loin pain like you. I had been at slimming world andlost 4 stones when my problem started and on a very high protein diet. After 6 months of worry my kidney function is greatly improved after reducing protein in my diet,eating kidney friendly foods and cutting out pain killers( especially ibrufen)and aspartamine ( sweeteners). I am 68 and my GFR was 65 last year which was stage 2 but classed as low because I had high blood pressure which had affected my kidneys but was okay really for my age.if you are younger that reading of 65 might be a bit low but you might have had previous problems that got it to that stage( if you have been taking pain killers for running injuries is a cause). My GFR went as low as 44 but is now back to 61 so after investigations I'm sure your kidney problems can be sorted.try not to worry and enjoy your marathon , only drink water, have pasta for energy, cut out red meat and no pain killers for the time being and see how you get on. You don't normally see a nephrologist unless you are in stage 4 or your GFR declines rapidly . Hope this helps .

  • I read from the Kidney Foundation that 28 million are affected and most don’t know it. It doesn’t surprise me with eating, drinking, smoking, or diets. The high protein diet has to cause issues too like you said..high protein, cheese. I read that the most protein in a piece of meat is the size of a deck of cards. I agree with all you posted.

  • Thanks very much! I am 39 years old (in june) . I got last weeks blood results and my Creatinine was 95 so gone down, and my GFR was 77, so gone up! But as it's still classed as low, they took yet more blood today, so I guess I see how that goes when I get the results tomorrow... I avoided red meat and execrcise yesterday after 7pm...

  • I'd cut down on protein intake mate it's never good for the kidney you should probably think about cutting out red meats from your diet altogether

    I'm in a very similar position to you low gfr of 60 and high creatine in blood plus protein in urine

    Age 38 I do high cardio training regular to keep fit and I wouldndnt have known anything about ckd before they told me I had it, no symptoms or nothing

    Good luck fella ar you in uk?

  • Cheers Stevo - yes I am in the UK...

  • I also read that excessive exercise can be an issue, but not sure how you tell. Except I ordered some test strips.

  • Good news about your results your GFR going up. Good luck hope everything works out well .

  • Thank you! Although my Serum Urea level is still slightly above range at 8.2mmol/l?

  • High urea means your kidneys are finding it hard to cope with the protein intake..continue to reduce red meat , drink lots of water reduce energy drinks and reduce salt intake.your blood results are improving so don't worry.

  • Thank you, I've had a call from the doctors yesterday, they now want me to do a urine test? They wouldn't give me my latest blood results over the phone so a doctor has to phone me Tuesday to get them, a bit annoying as I just want to see if the creatinine and urea have changed! The rest of my electrolyte readings are perfect...

  • You can get a print out of your results if they have been reported on.i do and keep my own file and so you can see the fall or decline of your kidney results. Did they not ask for urine sample when they did your bloods.. it is usually routine to check for protein or infection.

  • No they never, very confusing. I have to go tomorrow morning and give urine. I still think all this has to do with my marathon training and the increased stress I'm putting in my body..

  • The good thing Daz if you kidney decline is due to the high protein and running ,it can be go back to normal when you reduce the exercise and protein intake. This was told to me by my lovely nephrologist who has loads of experience with this . She said their bodies show a false kidney decline when she sees them. After cutting out the above kidney function goes back to normal. Let's hope this is the case with you.

  • I hope so, I think this might be my first and last marathon! God knows how these people who run stupid amounts nuts in a 100 days etc' bodies cope

  • Every body is different Daz .. please don't give up on your marathons just yet, see how your results come on first.

  • I have read that excessive exercise can raise creatinine. There are things on high protein diet that are not on kidney diet. If you haven’t, you might take a look.

  • hi daz you seem to be getting yourself into a bit of a fluster..a few facts..65 egfr is more than one kidney working at 100 percent so you have plenty of kidney health so thats one good thing..and creatinine at 111 is not healthy diet dont smoke drink plenty of water over 1litr a day.and keep of luck chris

  • Thanks Chris appreciated

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