Egfr at 87 but albumin in urine with reduced urine output and severe itching

Hi. I was under the assumption that most times Pruitis caused by ckd was usually felt from stage 3b-5? I have terrible itching constantly. Also my urine output is down quite a bit- from 1.8 litres a day to 1.2 litres a day and I have drank the same 2 litres of water per day fora long time. My last test of egfr( I am from Canada) was about three weeks ago and that was the 87 result up from An 83 result 6 weeks prior to that. Do any others have these symptoms with a early stage 2 diagnosis. I am a male 47 years old. I believe my ckd was caused by 3 years of taking 3 400 mg ibruprofen a day for facial pain( I was a professional hockey player). I had no idea ibruprofen could hurt your kidneys. I fear my ckd is further along than an egfr of 87? I no longer take any pain meds. Thanks

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  • I assume you have been tested for diabetes and hypertension, ? as not all itching is caused by CKD However I do get intermittent itching but my eGFR hovers around 38/40 stage 3b.

  • Hello Miehmer, you aren't by any chance taking any other medication are you? I ask because, like bowler, I am at CKD Stage 3b with an eGFR of 38 at last monitoring. The only experience I have had with intense 24-hour itching a few months ago, requiring prescription anti-histamine to get any contro,l culminated in me having a skin biopsy. The result was urticaria as a direct result of the blood pressure medication, Doxazosin, which apparently had triggered the side effect in another BP med, Losartan, I was taking alongside. I was advised to stop the Doxazosin, and the itching/rash disappeared within days.

    Snap! with the Ibuprofen resulting in CKD. I took it in just a small dose for about 7 months some 10 years ago to try and help mobilise me whilst suffering with an intense all-over body pain amid the failure of medics to diagnose and treat what turned out to be an inflammatory muscle disease and a disease of the arteries. Plus I have had just a sole kidney since my early adolescence.

    If your eGFR level in Canada is measured similarly to here in the UK, then a reading of 87 is probably not of any great concern. Certainly, here in the UK most consultants are not interested until low into the CKD3 stages or if there is a continuous reduction in the level of function. The important thing is to have the function monitored from time to time to ensure that it remains stable.

  • Thank you so much for your replies. I don't take any other meds. I think my spleen is enlarged as my doctor said it felt that way so I will have an ultrasound this week. I am sure that could also cause the severe itching and they are also checking my liver. I just hope it is nothing serious.

  • brufen is a pin killer , pain killers are not good for kidney patients.

    DIdn't u tell your so called doctor that u are a kidney patient ?

  • My doctor is a joke. He said protien in my urine is normal and that a drop of egfr from 104 to 84 in less than a year was no cause for concern. He also said ibruprofen is fine-I researched myself and stopped as soon as I read how hard it is on the kidneys. Most primary physicians in Canada know very little about ckd.

  • many doctors exploite laymen for theirgain , i can write a book on that

  • Hi Miehmer, in the UK although we have free healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS), so there isn't the exploitation that Kithsirid spoke of - I know for a fact that the general practitioner or GP as we call them in the UK, i.e. your general practice doctor, knows very little about the things they should not prescribe to people with CKD. I was prescribed omeprazole (Losec) 20mg per day in April 2016 when my eGFR was at 60, I reduced this to 10mg myself in October 16 and stopped as soon as I was told my kidney function was poor. Then on reading the NHS advice about medicines CKD patients should avoid - it said omeprazole can affect your kidney and should only be used for short term relief of heartburn. My doctor said it was OK to take it even though my eGFR starting dropping from a January 17 reading of 46 to low of 28 in one month, it has rallied a bit since then. I was also taking a daily A-Z multi- vitatmin and a daily high strength cod liver oil - both have Vit A which is to be avoided and also using Ibuleve Gel to relieve osteoarthirits. I've just found out my eGFR had been around 60 in 2011 and maybe before that when I attended at different surgery. If I'd been told by my GP that there was a concern in 2011 I could have stopped taking anything that exacerbated the condition - and maybe wouldn't be at level 3B!

    Good luck - it sounds like you have a good eGFR and therefore your kidneys should stand you in good stead for many years to come!

  • Hi I was on that stage for 16 years and nothing like what your going through happen to me i lived a normal life and eat all I wanted of course not fast foods and drink lots of water and be active and happy most importantly u shouldn't worry at all just be positive don't think about it and stop worrying. Now I'm recently on stage 3 after so long on stage 2 I kno I have to take care of myself even more now but I have to be positive and strong. But like I'm tellin u or doing just fine live your life and be happy and everything would be ok trust me !!!!

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