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My husband has been battling with kidney disease for 4 years now. His GFR was 32 and is now down to 26. He is only 40 years old. I am really worried about him and his health. His legs swell up and he is constantly tired. He got this from training supplements and taking too many grandpa powders. We were told that weight training will increase his protein levels. Can u pls advise what form of exercise is suitable.

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  • Don't take any supplements or anything without advice & i think normal activities, a good healthy diet, keeping a good healthy weight & well controlled bp is the best my husband was stage 3 for many years from the age of about 40 to 55 he used to walk a lot during this time now unable to after a fast decline & on dialysis for 6 years now caused by something else!

  • my gfr was 51 4 years but now 20 after even 2 heart attacks , give up weight training now.

    do not eat potasium rich foods and red meat, drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day .

    Eat green apple,not apple juice,banana is bad,

    u feel fatigue bcos your kidneys are not functioning efficiently,do not worry much over your condition ,

    im 72 but coping up with the health problems , give up worries think that you have an affectionate wife , every body do not have that , try to love all living beings you will be of in 3 months

    wish u best of health


  • Thank u for that awesome advice

  • If you are near the Sports Science Institute (in Newlands), they may be able to offer expert insight. Also, have you asked the renal consultant? Personally I have found gentle yoga and mild Tai Chi very helpful when the oedema is severe and the body fatigued. If yoga appeals, you may be able to find a specialist teacher who can draw up a personalised routine. And dancing! Always dancing!!

  • He loves dancing. I'm sure he's going to love this. Thank u so much.😊

  • If his legs are swelling up then his body is retaining fluids. He needs to reduce his salt (sodium) intake and drink adequate amount of water. Switching to a natural diet and stopping processed & fast food will be beneficial. The best exercise for him right now is brisk walking for 30 minutes or more twice daily. As walking helps the kidneys to filter blood more efficiently and also keeps the heart health.

  • Thank u so much for your help

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