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Hi my name is Laurie..I have been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease..I just found out in January that thanks to abnormally high blood pressure my kidneys are now damaged.. so far I have been put on a strict diet; low potassium, low protein, low phosphorus and low sodium.. which I have been on now for two months .. and I lost 13 pounds. Not that I needed to lose weight to begin with. My question is, can I stay at stage III for a long time if I stick to this diet?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello LaurieD

    Yes, some people stay at stage 3 for years, and some never reach stage 5....

    Everyone is different, but addressing lifestyle issues and eating healthily are a very good start....

    I started with high blood pressure too and wished I knew about the effect this would have on kidneys earlier.. ...

    Best advice I can give is keep taking the blood pressure tablets, make sure with your doctor that you are on the type that don't damage your kidneys further, keep healthy with exercise and a good diet, see a kidney specialist regularly to check your blood results and get on with enjoying life.....

    My best wishes, Margaret

  • Yes keeping blood pressure controlled and drinking lots of water is the advice the Renal doctor has given me. Xx

  • HiMgt8..... I have chronic kidney failures stage 4 my blood pressure is hard to control I'm on bp medication,sadly also have heart failure had a pacemaker fitted ,with Anemia osteoporosis & arthritis +' Thyroid low , ,it's all getting me down ,I'm regularly monitored byDrs. Hospital + district nurses ,medication I take seems to help for a while & been housebound I'm very sorry for myself at times I cope others I just wonder what's it all about, sorry for such a protracted moan. Wish you all be happy healthy & well.

    Fond regards...Peggy ❤


  • Hi Chriss .....Thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciate it. It does get lonely sometimes but am blessed with a wonderful caring family ,who do everything they can to assist me ,& I don't like putting on them to much . But you must look after yourself & hopefully things will get better for us all,once again thank you for troubling to,write your to kind..

    God bless you & your family .

    Peggy ❤⭐️

  • your wellcome peggy.

    take care

  • Hello Peggy,

    It can be really hard sometimes to keep your spirits up. I recently had a major opp which in itself made me tired and emotionally low. That combined with dialysis each day which was new to me and not working well and my arthritis and eczema playing up at the same time, it all made me feel that the light at the end of the tunnel was getting further away instead of nearer..... it's times like that that we need other people to show us the good things in life to get us through the tough patches.....

    It's good to hear you have great family support.

    I find it helps to try to do what I can towards my medical health, then try to put that to one side and plan small things that I can manage with friends and family that take me away from all that, where health matters don't feature.....

    I find I'm then much stronger and ready to cope with medical matters after having some fun with loved ones.. ...

    Wishing you all the best


  • Hi Laurie

    I've had stage3 kidneys for 20 years and been fine. Although last couple years due to underactive Thyroid had some complications. Now that I am self-treating for my thyroid ... my kidney function had risen to the highest it's ever been. EGFR 60. So happy with new result recently. Tcare xx

  • Thank you Dreamer12... for putting my mind at ease. 💜

  • As others have said you can stay for many years at stage 3 i think it depends what has caused it! x

  • I ended up in the E.R. after my very high blood pressures damaged my kidney's to the point where my eGFR was only 4.

    I had Pulmonary Edema in the week before I got admitted to the E.R. - Pulmonary Edema is the build up of fluids in your lungs which is caused by extreme high blood pressure which in turn makes the heart & the kidney not able to function properly. The sensation that this condition gives you is of drowning under water. My blood pressure reading was 220 / 130 (hypertensive crisis) in the E.R. They had to put me on a breathing machine and a dialysis machine to save my life.

    The moral of the story is - do everything possible to keep your blood pressure in-check and under 120/80. Take the prescribed medication as advice by your doctor, reduce intake of salt (sodium), processed food & cola's. Drink adequate water and try switching to a vegetarian and occasional white meat diet only. Get rid off (if possible) or reduce sugar drastically. These all worked for me since my E.R. visit and health-wise I am quite stable now.

  • Start taking natural Magnesium to help BP come down and start coming off the manmade mess, you'll feel much better.

  • Yes Laurie D. if you stay on your diet I am told you can stay at Stage 3 for years. I was on blood pressure meds, 4 different ones and they all caused me problems. I finally told the Drs. I wasn't taking their meds any more and went to Natures Sunshine and started taking magnesium, CoQ10, and Hawthorn Berry and now my NO is normal.

  • Awesome information-thanks!!

  • Wow that's amazing !!! You came off BP medication!! 😀 Well done!! X

  • Hi laureenD

    I would like to aim to do that in the future, (stop BP meds) with longer time on thyroid medication. I have slowly started to halve my water tablet very recently. I stopped PPIs after 20 years in Dec/16 and my stomach is very good!! Thanks for sharing your experiences it's inspiring for me . Xx 😀😀

  • Your quiet welcome! I pray you can come off manmade mess too!

  • Yep and it is great knowing I don't have to take manmade mess anymore!

  • Thank you!

  • Hi LaurieD. Sorry I can't give you any specific advice other than what I have read myself. I try to exercise lightly every day and I stick to a vegetarian diet sometimes no dairy. I live in U.K. On stage 3 and have had no professional nutritional advice and am interested to know what sort of foods are helping you ? Best wishes.

  • I went online and looked up renal diet recipes. And found quite a few. I tend to stick to the chicken and pork recipes and a lot of fruits and vegetables.. no dairy, no tomatoes or potatoes, no salt nothing packaged other than noodles. I've lost 13 pounds in two months and my energy level has increased .. lots of water. No caffeine. I grow a lot of my own herbs so I've been using those in substituting for salt. Lots of peppers all different kinds. If you're interested in some recipes I could share some with you just let me know

  • Hi Lauren D.

    After reading your news I would so appreciate your health diet for ckd or direct me to the best site , when you have time,keep well & safe.

    Kind regards

    Peggy ❤

  • I am finding a lot of recipes on the DaVita kidney website.. my favorites that you can use with chicken/pork is the "no tomato salsa" and "the pineapple salsa".and I serve it over white rice or on a tortilla.... also their chicken noodle soup is delicious..

    Sometimes the recipes call for ingredients that I can't have so I just leave them out.. I'm on the Low potassium/protein low phosphorus-low sodium diet..

    I'm at work right now but will try to send some more ideas soon.. hope this helps somewhat...

    Ps. I emptied out my refrigerator of all the processed sauces in bottles and only use fresh ingredients..💜

  • Thanks Laureen D.

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