I can accept everything that has happened to me but i can not forgive myself for sitting on toilet for 2 days i know i was in a coma but don't fully understand a coma never met anyone who has been in one also the thought of being so seperate from my body is scary today my leg is red raw from the dressings and is really painful it feels like it's mocking me as I say i have no trouble coming to terms with everything else it's just sitting on the loo for 2 days and the pressure sore is a constant reminder of my stupidity nurses etc tell me i was very poorly but i cant remember it i cant connect to it is this normal to feel like this

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  • Hello Anneaw

    With what you have been through it isn't surprising that you are still having some after effects - as you say, it was a scary experience.

    Perhaps someone who has experienced coma will see your post and reply later with their experience.

    Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to fully recover.

    If you have a favourite and understanding friend, do try and get together for a cuppa and a chat - they say a problem shared is a problem halved. I have a wonderful hubby but I don't know where I would have been without my really good friends who visited for many months a few years ago when I was stuck in bed unable to walk with a mystery illness that remained undiagnosed for a year.

    Do talk to your Doctor about your feelings as well - there may be more help available to support you along the way to complete recovery. Lots of good luck wishes and I hope you feel better soon.

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