Sleep Deprivation!!!!

Why does dialysis screw up my sleep pattern so mich. I have no problem falling asleep but fibd it impossible to sleep for more than 2 hours which i can extend about 1 to 2 hours at a time after a short shiffle around the bedroom. I usially visit the bathroom but its not that my bladder is full. Im 56 yr old male and been on dialysis for 18 months after infected kidney stones saw off my kidneys over a 5 year period

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  • I have the same problem. I come home from dialysis totally drained and have to sleep through the afternoon. Then of course I cannot sleep at night. Even on a non dialysis day I can only sleep for small blocks, some as short as 30 minutes, then lie awake for hours, until it is time to get up. I seem to spend my li d e trying to catch up on sleep. It's exhausting

  • hi not easy dialisis can knock the stuffing out of you how about setting an alarm for say 20 min for a short nap..and then get up..maybe this will help..all the best ..chris

  • hi best to ask specialist maybe sensitivity

  • Kidney disease itself will give you insomnia. On the other hand dialysis actually makes your heart & body tired (drained of energy) so 6 to 8 hours of sleep should not be an issue. Try talking to your nephrologist about this problem.

  • Im managing plenty of sleep but only for about 90 mins without waking up.

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