eGFR dropping

I only posted 5 days ago and my latest blood test shows an eGFR of 37 which is another drop in a month. That makes a drop of 14 in 3 months.

I know 37 isn't that bad but if this continues I'll be in the 20's by summer.

I'm so worried about the future

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  • I assume your Dr. is aware of these drops, if so he may wait till you reach stage 4 before he refers you, ? try not to worry, as kidney function do fluctuate, I was at 37/38 for along time and just recently my eGFR has been creeping up I'm now at 46/47 yet i haven't been doing anything different, if you are so worried have a word with your Dr. or nurse for reassurance

  • Thanks for the reassurance and it's good to know it's possible things may improve. I am going to see my GP about my worries

  • my gfr was 51 5 years ago now its now its 24 , i got tratments from so called nephrologist for 4 years , he was not woriied abou t his patients, .

    you must acertain wheather u are diabetic or hypertensive,

    how ever you can live with it , bt you must take less salt , no red meat , no fruits rich in potasium

    Go to Dvita it will give u more informations

    wish u good health

  • Reduce salt intake as salt directly effects the kidney function. Drink adequate amount of water and try to urinate more as often as it will exercise the kidney. Stop eating red meat and reduce intake of animal protein, slowly switch to vegetable protein. Also get rid of dairy produce (milk,cheese) from your diet. Use google to check potassium levels of fruits and vegetables. At this point a daily dose of filtered water with blueberry & strawberry (without sugar) smoothie would be beneficial.

  • Thanks for the information. I haven't had any 'official ' advice because my GP keeps telling me that I'm in Stage 3 so that's nothing to worry about and I've seen a urologist once in the last 12 months.

  • You are most welcome, I am at Stage 3B myself.

  • I think you're supposed to get a referal to nephrologist for drops over 10 per year. I'd ask your GP!!

  • You're right, I have actually just received a referral but it's quite a long wait on the NHS

  • You won't have too long to wait will depend on if the nephrologist your being referred to thinks its urgent or not in an emergency you would be seen very quickly indeed! In my & my husbands experience they have always been excellent in that respect when his function suddenly dropped fast they even rang him at home numerous times! x

  • It's going to be a 7 week wait for me to see the nephrologist and my GP says he referred me as a priority

  • that sounds about right 5 to 7 weeks is average i think if it was urgent you would be seen much sooner good luck hope you get some good answers write things down that you would like to ask as when you get in there you often forget me & my hubby still come from appointments & say oh we forgot to ask this & that theres always something!

  • Is this per year after how many tests? Just dropped 16 but dr said NFA now stage 3b

  • Hi Cycle mms

    Sorry to hear about your kidney function. I also have ckd EGFR 52.

    NICE guidelines state that patients who lose 25% of their EGFR in 6 months should be referred to Renal Clinic. I was told needs to be EGFR 30, until I mentioned NICE guidelines. Take care xx

  • your Gfr drop s too big, what did the nephrogist say ? Did u take a uss scan of abdomen , are your kidneys damaged , did u get a serious infection recently ?is your doc friendly , does he talk lenghtly about your sicness ?

    Are u a heart patient , did u do an Ngo gram recently , that dye is highly poisioness to

    kidneys ,

    hope u will write me back .

    wish u good health

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I haven't seen a nephrologist yet because in the UK it's not easy to get a referral. However, I do have an appointment at the end of April. I have had lots of CT scans and a renagram which all show lots of scarring and this scarring looks like stones.

    My GP is very friendly but if you are in stage 3 you get told that everything is okay. I am not a heart patient and have always had good BP but over the last few months it has risen and now is always above 130

  • hi low saturated fat diet plenty of water ..keep weight recomended level or little lower..and allways keep positive..l made 20 percent last 10 years befor transplant last year....all the best chris...

  • Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. I think I follow a healthy diet but I am going to look into it more

  • Hi . My dropped as well but since i started been a part of a project of drinking 4 to 5 liters of liquid a day Ive manage to hold more and increase my Egfr and decrease creatinine and other. Why not give it a try

  • Wow that's a lot of liquid to drink in a day. I manage about 3 at the moment but it's something to think about. Thanks

  • I'm 49 and had a GFR of 41% last October, had bloods done at the start of May which showed a 3% decline down to 38% which I'm told is pretty normal but I then had more bloods taken just 4 weeks later (end of May) and was surprised to see that it's now dropped down to 31% which means ive had a 7% drop in just 4 weeks..

  • Hi there may I ask if you have had a further appointment with your Dr/Neph since your drop? If so what did they say they are going to do to help you? any further tests of some-sort? Hope things improve for you again x

  • GFR went back upto 38 in May, had then done again last week and I’m now at 36

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