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I was on the site and punched in my creatinine level of 1.0 and it gave me a GFR of 66, but yet by blood work shows 59. How can it be that different, does anyone know? Thanks

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  • As Davita is an American site, could there numbers differ to ours ?

  • Yes, in the US they calculate the figures differently. Here in the UK, the National Kidney Federation site has a link to a GFR calculator, and after completing boxes with creatinine levels, height, weight etc it gives a very accurate eGFR for anyone who is interested.

  • But I am in the US

  • Yes, I gathered that - my reply was really in answer to bowler's query. I'm sorry I can't help with US calculations but hopefully someone from the US will join in with an answer for you.

  • Sorry, but you didn't say you was in the USA I assumed as this is a UK site

    you was from the UK, like Celtic said " perhaps someone from the USA will help you.

  • diferent formulars & different methods of tirations gives different values.dont worry too ..much.

    Davta has many other links why not try them & u will get more informations,

    every body above age 70 will invariably have lower GFR,


  • Did your calculation adjust for weight height and age?

  • I went on a few different sites, most asked for my age and weight, some did not. Got a reading from anywhere from 58 to 73. Most said 66.

  • I am from the U.S.A. When I calculated my gfr using Davita's website, I got the same gfr my nephrologist gets from my lab test. I hope this helps with your question, Sandymac8

  • egfr can flucuate a lot so that sounds ok regards chris

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