Serum creatinine is high, low GFR


My doc think everything is normal, but I'd really appreciate your thoughts before I stop worrying...

Serum creatinine is 86 umol/L (45 - 84umol/L) I did not fast beforehand so shouldn't have been dehydrated.

Test was at 9am.

My GFR is 65 mL/min/1.73 m2

These 2 results together are concerning me - am I worried over nothing?

Kidney foundation states Kidney damage with mild loss of kidney function for results of GFR 60-89...

But my GP says all normal!



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  • Polly, in my local Trust area, a creatinine of 45-84 would be regarded as perfectly normal - normal range here is quoted as 49-90 umol/L. An eGFR of 65 (age can be taken into consideration), would also be considered normal - certainly nothing that would interest a kidney consultant. I would say, yes, you are "worried over nothing"! Trust your GP when he says all is normal.

  • Thank you!

  • I agree with Celtic, all quite normal, and there's nothing for you to worry about, and at those ranges a kidney consultant isn't necessary.

  • Check your diet if you can reduce potassium sodium and protein you'll find an improvement both health wise and kidney wise

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