Rituximab infusion on Monday

Hi, I come on here from time to time...I have got a rare diagnosis of IgG4 systemic disease. I've got ckd stage 3b&am 38. I also have pancreatitis, and get bad asthma,along with diabetes due to the pancreatitis.

Anyhow, on Monday I am having my first Rituximab infusion. ..it's a biologic drug. They are hoping it might save me a transplant in the future. At the moment my body attacks itself &is working it's way around organs.

I'm only the 2nd patient my consultant is trying this drug on for my particular disease.I'm a bit nervous as there can be some potentially biggie side affects.

Guess my Dr wouldn't consider it if the pros didn't outweigh the risks!!

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Had the infusion &all ok so far.I had some stomach cramps last night&felt a little nauseous but am ok now. Next infusion 7th March.

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Have had a bit of a red rash on my face...a bit like when you first get out the shower&you look a bit pink. Hopefully that will be as bad as it gets!


I've now had both my ritux infusions &am doing ok! !No horrible side affects as yet!! My eGFR has actually come up from 36% to 48!!! Never thought I'd see those numbers again! !


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