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Hi, I was diagnosed with CKD in Jan 16 with a GFR of 56. I was really shocked. Since then I have made massive life style changes - walking 4 miles per day, stopping alcohol (I used to drink too much), stopping caffeine, stopping eating processed food. Now I eat only natural food, drink 2-4 tea spoons of ACV per day & take fish oils (my doctor suggested increasing Omega 3 intake). I have also lost 3 stone in weight.

My GFR diagnosed today is 78!!

I thought I'd like to share this with people to show life style changes may be able to help you improve your CKD.

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  • Well done you! That is a tremendous achievement. All your efforts have been truly worthwhile. Can I ask what ACV is, please?

  • Congratulations! What a great accomplishment! Am so pleased for you! May I ask what is ACV? Hope your GFR remains stable. Wishing you the best!

  • I was diagnosed last September. Mine was 52. I was horrified. I changed my diet and prepare all my own food and started cycling. I didn't know taking fish oil supplements would help. You have done a great job. I am not due to have mine re checked till July so I'm just hoping mine has improved.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar? I've just started taking this for stomach problems and I think it is helping !😊

  • Fantastic! Keep up the good work! God can do anything!

  • Congratulations. Great that u shared ur achievement. My egfr has dropped to 28 but my neurologicalIstanbul informed me that the egfr is irreversible and the only option is to keep it stable. I am 66 years old and have done a kidney biopsy n my kidney is deteriorating due to old age. Well done now keep it up.

  • Hi, ACV is - Apple Cider Vinegar (organic version).

  • Wow well done it is great to see your post I had gfr of 39 at last visit to consultant in sept 16 started new diet and acv an last blood showed serum cretanine 1,23 which gives a gfr of 66 so we agree we can take the pressure of kidney with diet

  • your doing a good job..

  • Hello. Can you share which make/brand of Apple Cider Vinegar you used, please? Thank you. Wishing you continued health and success.

  • Hi, it is "Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar", all the best to you. Hope the ACV helps.

  • Thank you.

  • Just got my latest blood results...due to changing my environment (new apartment-with control of my diet), SWIMMING almost daily, currently no alcohol, avoiding STRESS as a priority, I have really changed my numbers, BIG results, yet. The only thing that dropped was GFR from 50 to 47...I have weight to loose and I feel that once that begins my GFR will improve.

    Could someone please share what ACV has done, how you take it, any side effects...I would really appreciate it....THANKS SO MUCH and wishing you each continued success and hope. So great to have this site and all of you in my life!

    just an example of what changes have happened in just 6 months-my triglycerides went from 376 to 84, which is, I believe things can change for the better...all my numbers changed for the better except GFR....

    I am a 70 year old female....Jo

  • Hi Jo, I take 2 teaspoons of ACV every morning in a small glass of juice or water. About 2-3 times a week I additionally take it in the evening. Apart from improving my GFR the only other effect I have noticed is I no longer get dry skin in the winter.

    All the best, Chris

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