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I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful cousin who has offered me one of her kidneys so I can get back to normality. Yes she is a diamond.

We are both getting really frustrated by the time it's taking to get to the operating table. Does anyone have any ideas on how long this should be taking. We started the journey back in September 2016. Any feeds welcome



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  • Hi spd2015

    I haven't been through this process myself but know friends who have. I think it takes around 6 months from initial testing, health checks for the donor, theatres and surgeons to be booked and counselling for both parties. I do think there is another reason for it to be a long process: it gives time for everyone to think long and hard about the procedure they are going to put themselves through. There is a lot to consider and it shouldn't be rushed into by anyone. If it's meant to happen, it will. Please be patient. I understand your frustration. Good luck to you both.

  • I had a 3 way paired exchange in April 2014. And for all the reasons just given. In all it took 7 months from the first test. To me getting my new kidney. Have patience and after all it is a major operation. It will be worth all the wait.

  • I have been referred for a transplant. I go back and forth on whether to do it or not. The side effects from all the meds seem so bad. Can you share your experience with me.

  • I was never on dialysis. Although my kidney function went down to 6% but I knew I was having a transplant. My consultant said he would let me go down to 5% but then I'd definitely have to start dialysis. But I never had to. I'd definitely have the transplant I'v been quite lucky. I never had any bad effects from the medication. And if you have any signs of rejection normally a change of a tablet will stop it. Although I was off work for 4 months after the transplant recovering I felt much better. I wasn't tired. And I was able to eat anything I wanted apart from grapefruit which I don't like anyway. I feel much healthier and fitter. I'd definitely have the new kidney.

  • hi bunkin.. iv had transplant after 52 years of waiting and has transformed my life...the first four months are a bit painfull but then you start anew and wow what a change..give it a go it will be a new you. regards and best of luck ...chris

  • Thanks for your encouragement!!

  • Thanks for your reply, it makes me feel better. If I could just learn not to fear the unknown so much I'd be good!. Although my faith in God is great, I have always been a worrier.

  • hi spd2015...very good news for you....

    build up for op can take a few months so be patient...i was gifted a kidney from an unknown lady in august 16 after 52 years of kidney problems and turned out to be amazing so keep confident and of luck ..chris

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