I have just had my check up and I'm really pleased it has remained stable for a year at gfr 31. When I was first told about kidneys ,panic set in, I suffer with anxiety but thanks to all the kind people who sent me their support I have now calmed down and realised that I'm ok.

I was told though ,that I now have an under active thyroid and have been prescribed Levothyroxine, has anyone else had this diagnoses because of CKD.

Best wishes to everyone.Dawn❤

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  • Honeycomb 1-Dawn, what GREAT NEWS! When I was first diagnosed with CKD, I had a GFR of 35 and I was scared to death. I will be 70 years old in Aug., I have gone up to a GFR of 50 and will have a new blood panel done in a couple of weeks. Even with the lower GFR reading, there is so much to take in account. My specialist was concerned but.....factored in my age, my weight, etc. and told me that I have a chronic disease and need to monitor, but no doom and many factors to figure in. I have been on thyroid medication for over 20 years....and yes, I think everything becomes part of the variables we all have to juggle. Am watching what I eat and really swimming an hour each day (almost each day...I miss days from time to time)...I think general health patterns, food and exercise all helps. Continue success, Jo-Anne

  • Joanne.

    My last 12 months have been very stressful ,health,home and work.

    So knowing my CKD was stable just 10 days ago has given me a boost.

    My Thyroid, well maybe it's a good thing,my hair will get thicker and I will be energised!

    I will now resume my swimming and get back on track for2017.

    Thankyou for your positive advice.

    Love Dawn

  • Dear Dawn...STRESS is truly the killer, far more than we want to accept. (just my opinion, but it is playing out more and more in research)...You are dealing with the demands that so many face, men and women, EACH has become a part of our culture and I hate it. We are missing the boat....I say that after being a stress junkie for my entire life...but have paid a price, physically, emotionally and mentally. It should NOT be a badge of honor...if you don't have your healthy, you have nothing. I was a social worker that could work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....and sometimes did just that...brutal. That I would take care of strangers far better than I would take care of myself caught up with me. If I could wind back the clock, I would redo somethings. I would place a greater priority on myself, not in a selfish way, but placing a priority on my health...if we don't do it for ourselves, no one will do it for us! It is never too late to I said earlier, I will be 70 in August and I am using this time for me and it feels really good. I have had to say no to family and friends, it has confused some and hurt others, but...I have to continue with my healthy routine and I have to honor ME. I wish you a very healthy start to this New Year! Take Care, Dawn

  • Hi Jo-Anne.

    What an achievement - GFR of 35 raised to 50.

    May I ask how long this took you and what are the best foods to eat / avoid please. I need to encourage my husband.

    Thank you


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