Anaemic and eGFR of 58

I spotted on some results that my eGFR was 58 , I am also anaemic ( ferritin was 7 and also low haemoglobin) I am taking ferrous fumearate tablets.

I have just read on here that there is a link between chronic kidney disease and anemia- can anyone enlighten me and will I need other treatment rather than the iron tablets?

The low eGFR has not been mentioned by my GP which I am rather annoyed about, I am 54 female and without a pituitary gland so I do try and be proactive with my health.

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  • Hi

    I am a male and 70. As a general rule your eGFR should be minus 1 for every year over aged 40, subtracted from 100. So my eGFR should be about 70. Assuming the female range is the same then your eGFR should be about 86. This indicates about 86% function.

    I too discovered that my eGFR was 58 purely through requesting my blood test results, after the doctor said they were normal! With further enquiry I found that they had been at 55, 21 months previously. Like you I am proactive with my health since my youth. It too annoys me when doctors keep us in the dark about test results. On the one hand we are always being told to be proactive about our health, eat sensibly, don't drink too much, exercise and so on. Yet when it comes to it they don't really want us to get involved in our own health care. I would really like to have a GP that talked to me in level terms and was proactive in my health and well being. Fat chance these days. It all comes down to a tick box exercise for them!

    I was told that I was not informed of the 55 eGFR because I had a chest infection and that was probably responsible for the figure.

    My blood haemoglobin and RBC is the exact opposite of yours. I am off the end of upper normal. This too is worrying because it can indicate a kidney tumour excreting a hormone that stimulates red cell production.

    I am not a medical person so read up on this and don't just start taking vitamin C. I have been taking 500mgs vitamin C daily with meals for months, and this is known to boost iron uptake and RBCs. I therefore don't know if my high H & RBC is down to this or something negative.

  • Dear Ratkinson,

    It is sensible for all kind of health reasons that you should get the anaemia sorted. However, as someone with Chronic Kidney disease, a GFr of 58 sounds ok to me. My understanding is that the normal range for adults is 60-80 and it may be simply down to the anaemia that there has been a slight dip. If you are concerned, go for a repeat blood test and get a second opinion. I think the most important thing is to establish why your ferratin was 7 as your starting point. Good luck and try not to worry. :)

  • Thanks Bilbo and Hassmac

    I managed to get my ACR tested and that was only just above the normal range, so I can put this particular problem to the back of my mind!

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