Need Help to get proper diet for High Creatinine Patient

Hi all ,

As my Mom ishave is high creatinine problem as 5.5 and low gfr , she is having serious diet , she is trying to fight out with tablets and medicine

please help me , to get proper diet , as of now

she is having

Nettle tea to improve creatinine

half cup of rice with

Ridge gourd

Bottle gourd

Banana Stem

water ,milk,curd intake she has reduced

Fruits , Apple

please if any further vegetable or Fruits can be taken

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  • It's good that you want to help your mother, but I am concerned that "she is trying to fight out with tablets and medicine." If you mean she is trying to fight CKD with natural foods, please keep in mind that reliable medical sources on the strongly advise you check with a healthcare professional first. I read that nettle tea is used to increase urine flow. I question whether this is a good goal for her. One of my family members who had kidney disease made it worse by taking herbal tea. You may not want your mother to take that risk.

  • Thanks for your response , we were trying this nettle leaf tea for past 3 months , it hadn't worsen , now i am taking it as a concern ,

    also, she under going medication prescribed by nephrologist ,

    if there is any other natural way , which would help her to reduce creatinine level l would be very helpfuli

  • I am also concerned because she is trying the nettle tea during the same time period as prescription medication. Sometimes the combination of the two is not good. But I am not a medical professional and am not trying to start an argument with you. If you have not told her nephrologist that she is taking the nettle tea, please do so for her sake.

  • sure thanks

  • I am of the same condition. Please reduce phosphorus and potassium intake.

  • I have never gone down the herbal route. Creatinine is made from the breakdown of protein and muscle, so I would suggest your mum speak to her dietician and also reduce her meat intake, particularly red meat. Oily fish is a good alternative. Some fruit and herbal teas increase potassium, so always check first with the renal dietician. I do not know what banana stem is, but bananas in their natural/dried state contain a very high level of potassium, so are dangerous for most kidney patients. Please follow the renal dietician's advice.

  • Can you advise on what is safe to drink with CKD nicolala.. I have had to cut out tea and coffee so was having green tea and cranberry but if herbal teas are not good for us I am wondering what to drink .. drinking plenty of tap water but sometimes I need something warm!!! Thank you .. your advise is very helpful.

  • I'm no expert on herbal teas. I think things like ginger and chamomile are ok. Cranberry is high in potassium, but as you are not on dialysis yet, that may not be an issue for you. Is there a particular reason why you can't drink tea? There's no problem from a renal aspect. Coffee again is high in potassium, but one a week as a treat is fine. Everyone is different, so please speak to a dietician abut this.

  • Hi nicolala .. didn't know cranberries were high in potassium either.. so thank you. I had allergy tests and tea and coffee were moderately intolerant.have just found my reduced kidney function is due to auto immune problems and as I have lots of allergies ( including foods) I am trying very hard to cut out anything that is affecting my immune system.

  • I do feel for you. You clearly know about your needs with regards to your allergies. A renal diet, like others, is complex. I have found that GPS and even renal doctors and nurses have sketchy knowledge of it. If I were you, steer clear of various websites as they all give conflicting advice. At this stage you may never need dialysis if you can look after yourself and have the correct diet. Your needs are not straightforward and I am not qualIfield to give you specific advice. Water is good for the kidneys. Salt is bad. Do not use products like Lo-salt as they are potassium based. You may not need to limit porassium or phosphate foods yet. I really think you need a proper conversation with a renal dietician. They are very knowledgeable andwould be able to guide you in the right direction, based on your current renal function as well as your intolerance.

  • Thank you so much for your help.. seeing a rhuematologist next month.. as requested by my nephrologist so I will ask if I can be referred to a dietician . Take care

  • please seek professional advice as herbal & home remedies & things like smoothies etc can make things worse i would have thought the egfr would be high too as it is worked out by using a combination of creatine levels & urea etc! just a good healthy diet is the best option!

  • Hello I have read your post and I have CKD stage 4 membranous nerapthy I was just in the hospital a branch of the Mayo clinic and was finally educated about diet for me I am 6'7 and 420 lbs at 150 in fluid edema the dietitian told me only 75 grams of protein per day and a 2 liter fluid restriction per day and low sodium I would suggest that your mother see a dietitian and ask her doctor to see her case worker every patient usually has one to help out anyway they can

  • You can purchase a cook book from the PKD website. It has the formula you need to figure out your protein intake etc. Its all kidney friendly meals and covers meals with PKD, on dialysis and with a transplant. It also covers. children at risk of PKD. Its a great book.

  • You can make your mom blueberry & strawberry smoothie adding nothing else except for plain filtered water. Ask your mom to take it twice (morning & evening) on a 'daily' basis. Remember blueberry + strawberry + filtered plain water ONLY.

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