Diabetes insipidus and e GFR of 58

I just got some results back from my endocrine clinic and the e GFR result was flagged up , 58 (>60) . I know nothing about this or how important it is apart from a small amount of reading on the web.

I have partial diabetes insipidus ( vasopressin defficancy) for which I take desmopressin at night , (this in effect stops my kidneys producing urine) which then wears off as the day go on. I was wondering if the eGFR value could be influenced by taking the Desmopressin.

I haven't seen my GP yet and apart from the letter from the endo team flagging it up nothing has been said, I'm also not holding out much hope for my GP either as Diabetes insipidus is always confused with Diabetes melitus so I don't think he will know any more than me. I would just like to approach my next consultation in a well informed way so if need be I get pointed in th right direction.Any advice about how to proceed would be very much welcomed.

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  • Ratkinson -- This is just a note to tell you that you have been heard, and it may take a while to receive a response because people may be getting ready for Christmas eve. I'm not familiar with diabetes, but I'm sure someone who understands your situation will respond to you.

  • My husband was born with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus & it drives him mad when everyone (including drs) get it mixed up with diabetes mellitis he's 61 now!

    he never had any drugs so can't help much on that apart from bp tablets he had a gradual decline in kidney function over the years caused by the combination over drinking of fluid & bladder problems! egfr of 58 is about stage 2 I am sure your consultant will do their best to keep you that way, my husband is on dialysis 6 years now but he was stage 3 for 16 years or so before he had a sudden decline (due to a mixture of problems)

    good luck i hope you find someone who has also taken the drug who can help

  • My partner has the other type of diabetes so can.not help there it all I would say is pish the Dr's to give you all the info they can and you ask for a diatician and ideally renal. Help my partners go kept telling us do jot worry this is normal for diabetics especially as he has neuropathy and how we do not need to do anything they are watching things then his level dived to 22% and all of a sudden gosh this is bad do something now we got he nephropology appointment diatician etc and the nephrologisy said we should advertising started a diet earlier. We were like we'll how can we when we were told there is nothing to worry about and we do not need a referral

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