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I was diagnosed with CKD3a last week and given protect my kidneys very worried about taking these as I have low blood pressure and the side effects are very scarey.I am a type 2 diabetic diet controlled for 15 years .Has anyone else had to take this drug?I have read blueberries and certain fruit is fine and it was suggested I take Omega 3 and other oils to help all internal organs....any help to deal with this would be lovely.

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  • My husband took them for many years they are good unless you are allergic to them he became intolerant & takes candesartan instead keeping the bp lower helps to protect the kidneys from further damage, i would carry on with your diet that suits you & don't change anything if you are well controlled!

  • Was the Ramipril prescribed by your primary care provider or by a nephrologist? I am in stage 3b, and my nephrologist has not prescribed anything for CKD. However, that may be because I am 85 and taking multiple drugs for high blood pressure. People here can recommend several good books on diet and meal planning for CKD.

  • Watch out for any cough that drags on and on - I suffered for over six months with a severely irritating cough and was then told it is a common side effect of Ramipril. I had it as a BP medication, back when I was probably at stage 4.

  • Hi Freddy ... you should be monitored by the nephrologist often ...

  • I have been told not to worry about my condition just take drugs I have a drug phobia anyway hate taking drugs of any sort let alone this type of thing haven't been referred to anyone yet thanks for your comment .

  • Hi. I was on Ramipril at some stage and - as mentioned earlier - was warned of the cough. Cannot recall any extreme side effects and have lived to tell the tale. (Also have low blood pressure; not diabetic.) I have been pill averse for decades, but decided at some point to focus on improving general health and wellbeing rather than worrying about number of tablets ingested p/day. Keep an eye on possible side effects and, in addition, would second don't worry too much, keep open communication with your health-care team (incl. nephrologist) and focus on general wellbeing. Good luck!

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