Newly diagnosed CKD3

Hello, I have just been diagnosed with CKD3 and its totally freaked me out. I am 54 and up to now have been really healthy with good blood pressure. I dont drink very often and try to stick to a low-fat diet and don't take loads of pain-killers. I don't do excercise and do have a sweet tooth. I can't understand how I now have this. It has been suggested I start to take statins. Do others take statins and can anyone advise which foods I can eat to maybe improve my levels? Thanks for any advice.

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  • I'm in stage 3 also. I take statins prescribed my cardiologist for high blood pressure. Since your blood pressure is good I don't know why your asking. I have to go now, but people here can give you lists of good books and resources on eating. It's good that you don't take many painkillers.

  • My husband was in stage 3 for at least 15 years he just ate healthy did gentle exercise (ie walking) & keep yourself hydrated unless there is a specific cause thats all you can do & don't stress about it too much easier said than done x

  • I have been recently diagnosed too, with same healthy lifestyle but I do exercise quite a lot with walking and dancing. I'm having an ultrasound of my kidneys this week to see what cause may be if any. I've never drank much water though. I've cut down on salt and foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, seeds, or anything with high potassium in it. I eat smaller amounts of protein and smaller amounts of dairy. Look up potassium and phosphate low diet for our diagnosis and maybe this will help a bit. We've just got to look after ourselves better now, and not stress or worry too much about all this. I'm 57.

  • Thanks for your reply, I think I'm in information overload at the moment. Checking all the food labels and its worrying how much salt is in food you dont expect. I know you should eat lots of fuit and veg - but then theres potassium in potatoes, tomatoes and bananas! I didn't drink much water either but trying to up my intake. I will look up the potassium diet. Good luck with the ultrasound.

  • I boil all veg and use potatoes but take a layer of potato off when I peel them there's the highest concentration there and cook them half way the change water and 're cook them till soft. Never use the water you boil the veg in. This leaches a lot of potassium out.

  • Gosh. Had no idea.

  • Thanks for your reply, are you saying that theres the highest concentration of potassium in potato skins, which we are told to eat for the for the fibre? At least I don't use the water I've boiled the veg in!

  • It is also where all the best nutrients are. It seems or so I have come to be told. It appears all the rules about diet change when your looking at low phosphates and potassium. White bread and white rice is better than the brown whole wheat etc.

  • Thanks Mazza, you're a couple of weeks behind me, I've done all the looking up too. Mind boggling isn't it! Some of the dietary advice for ckd suffers is quite boring, I've stopped eating bananas too, not sure if I'm going too extreme though myself, I've replaced my usual fruit with cranberries, blueberries, green apples, raspberries strawberries. Oranges don't appear to be very good for us and chocolate isn't either. Perhaps all in moderation though. I eat chicken, tuna, salmon, rice, or pasta. Red peppers , onions and cabbage are very good too. Thanks re the uss. Will be keen to know the results.

  • hi stay off chicken high in aditives and standard chicken is 50 percent fat...turkey in a lot leaner hope this helps .regards chris

  • I was told I was CKD 3 three years ago. No blood pressure problems, in fact very low. No heart disease, don't smoke, rarely drink. Probably down to NSAIDs use due to frequent soft tissue injuries over the years. GP said I don't need to worry about diet or anything else! So I don't...!

  • There are some sensible suggestions here already, especially don't stress too much. Life is for living! A qualified nutritionist would also be a good source of information and do ask in your clinic if they can offer some pointers. Perhaps try adding seeds (including pumpkin, black sesame and poppy seeds) to salads, porridge, etc. Steer towards veg rather than fruit. Root veg and dark, green, leafy veg might be good (double check with an expert). Cut down on the sugary items; try to default to food in its non-processed state and cook from scratch as often as possible. Focus on general health: hydration, as mentioned, enough sleep and rest - and a bit of light exercise might be good here. Find smiles and happiness, especially with the people and activities that bring you joy. Be kind to your liver.

  • hey! i too was diagnosed with CKD about a year ago. and it's freaking me out too. to add to this, i have been HIV for 36 years. i know i will never do dialysis. i wonder how long i will live.

  • hi like me probably had kidney reflux when young. where infection goes from bladder to kidneys..

    not easy to find without urine sample

    cut out red meat and processed meat ..hope info helps...i had kidney infection for 52 years and had transplant august there is lots of hope..take care chris

  • Just re-read end of your post about the statins. I recall that once I was on statins for an effect it had on improving efficacy of another medication for kidney function rather than for blood pressure or cholesterol. Do ask your consultant/ specialist for an explanation.

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